29 February 2012


In the LRC, in college, can't even start thinking about my art... I'm not dropping art, how great is that? sarcasm, i still think I should drop it because... I'm predicted an E but apparently I have talent, who is she kidding. I'm doing the 'photo every hour project, which means I have to take a photograph every hour starting at 7am ending whenever I go to sleep. I'll publish them tomorrow (:
Otherwise I'm good, going to meet up with Josie by Sainsbury's at 16.50 and we're going to see The Woman in Black, which starts at 18.40 haha, so in the spare time we're going window shopping and to the roof of John Lewis because it's my favourite place in the world! Hopefully there won't be any pedos there, as there were last time. That time was so scary we were all alone on the roof with a guy in a huge black car just randomly approaching us. I told him he was scary and to go away, probably shouldn't have hihi, im too honest to starngers.

So hungry, not having any food till when I get back home (saving money ) which will be 9, and I haven't even had breakfast..
okay, well have a nice day (:

26 February 2012

Hot! Fever baby

I had a shit week and a good weekend. I didn't go school on Tuesday, missed half a day on Wednesday, and half a day on Friday, because I was really ill in the morning and couldn't move so I kind of stayed in bed till half 11. I got ready at 12 and went to school for film studies in which we had to make a poster and give a presentation on an star. I, ofcourse, failed my face in the presentation because I chose Meryl Streep I didn't know a single thing about her... I went home, slept, woke up, went to town, waited for the bus to get to Josie's house for a gathering, then the buses were cancelled and i went to a different stop but the buses simply didn't come, so I went back home, and i thought what a shit day cuz it was 22.00 already. I went to town later, and caught a taxi from the New Theater to Josie's house and people chipped in to pay for the taxi because I didn't have any money. I owe everyone money, I need to buy something for Batoul, give £7.00 to Josie (oh plus £132.00 for a festival ticket she is buying me!!!! Shes the best aw my gawd ) and another £8/9 to Caitlin.. Anyhow then by the time I arrived to the gathering everyone was -un-gathering-, basically they all went home, and me and Rhi stayed over.  Falala. Um, Saturday we woke up, moved slowly, had a breakfast, then slowly moved to the bus stop and went to town, and wandered around there. We went to poundland, the girlies bought junk food and we went to Cardiff bay, we sat at these table far away form the main bay square because its usually full of tourists although, not today it wasn't.
We went home around five because all were tired. 
And now basically I'm so ill, I've been in bed all day today, reading, watching movies ans listening to music. I also had to do my photography homework, I completely forgot about it haha, the weekend goes so fast... So I did a couple of joiners with my camera because I broke another school memory card, awesome isn't it? Thank GOD I dropped art, although I miss it a little, I'll have tomorrow morning off. 
Oh and it would be much appreciated if you guys asked me something on my formspring because I am SO bored, I'm sick of watching The Big Bang Theory, instead of liking Sheldon, I now hate his guts. So just click on the word 'formspring'  and you can ask me pointless things...
So here are some pictures that I took on Thursday, I think haha

And here's me at night, when I could't sleep, applause to the awesome quality of a webcamera:L

20 February 2012

No one can talk- Music

I'm a little lazy to write but, um these are the photos from the NME awards gig and we saw the Tribes, Metronomy and Two Door Cinema Club (I'll put up how they look underneath). They're all great and it was a lot of fun! When the TDCC came of everyone went wild, and moshed and jumped and it was great. After the fourth song I felt like I've lost all my energy haha. The Tribes were also really great. By the way, the girl with the orange hair is Nicole (: She came with Jo and they've been neighbors since nursery (kindergarten), and well she's really cute/crazy/sweet. I left at 22.50 to catch the last, 23.04 bus, and I missed it!!! I didn't have any money, i didn't have a phone and the town was empty because it was a Sunday night... So I walked along Newport Read, not knowing how to get home because I like like 2 hours walk away (its two hours if you survive the dodgy/chavy/violent areas such as Rumney and Trowbridge ). So I asked these two girls by City Road to call a taxi for me,s o yay I got home safe and my mummy paid on the door. It cost like £ 14.00, which meant I'm not going to have any lunch this week... 
Anyhow, today I dropped Art and, surprisingly it felt so good, I haven't got that heavy feeling on my chest anymore. And I have lots and lots of ideas for my Photography Exam Board! I'm just finishing off my Media coursework and film coursework today and tomorrow, and that's all coursework done for this whole year! You wouldn't believe how happy I feel, I'll only have to revise hahaha. Ok  I'm actually going to go and do some work now, enjoy the photos :)

Here are the bands that played (:

-two door cinema club-


19 February 2012

Just something to say

I think i might have the craziest mum ever. We just went to Tesco and because we were both very sad (home thingys) we decided to buy some alcohol. She bought me WKD vodka thingy, and beer for herself. I didn't drink it because I didn't feel like it when we got home, but just because she bought it makes her great/awesome and understanding. love forever, <3
ah also, here are some photos of me in the morning (:

18 February 2012

Sixteen cookies and one candle

Hello :) I wrote this on Thursday and its Saturday today. ( Just letting you know that i'm actually home now haha)

-So I'm at Bees house, she's in shower stretching her ear so I though I might as well post something.

Yesterday I got up at 4, to catch my 6am bus to London with Caitlin and Josephine. The journey was fine, at 7 my alarm went off and woke me up. We met up with Batoul (OMG, YEY!) and we went to the little park palace thing near Victoria and had coffee,  and  pasta, and just talked a lot because it was really really great seeing Bats. We caught a tube to Camden and that was really fun. I bought this really amazing jacket, in ROKIT by Camden market, a litttle vintage shop, and was going to back there today (thursday) to purchase this dress for £6.00 which was the most amazing dress ever, but I didn't have any money left. Anyhow, Josie got herself this awesome biker jacket/ coat thing for £10.00, its so cheap there! We also went to this comic bookshop and it had lots of cheap comics, so I bought two, one for me and one for batoul.
hmm, yearh, so, we sat down by the river and ate our lunches. Camden is sooo ultra busy, I love busy places so much, only because I feel like I blend in a bit more, I like the feeling of not knowing anyone and being new to the place. You know like, anonymous almost. Anyhow after our lunch we went to couple more little shops and then caught a tube to Soho, checked out the Chinatown and Covent Gardens, but because we hadn't had any food since morning, we were really tired and moneyless, so sat down in the middle of Soho, exausted.  This guy comes up to us and hands us V.I.P invitations to this nightclub for interesting personalities and stuff like that. Sadly we didn't go because it started bit too late. Today (Thursday) me and Honeybee, went to the Hampsted Heath park (I think it's how you call it  ) and it was fun but I felt really tired and we took a break every 5 minutes haha. We ran around climbed trees took lots of videos and photos. On the train we were being nerdy and reading the comics we bought on Wednesday. Sooo yearh. And then we caught a random bus which sadly took us to the very very center, by the Buckingham Palace, we got off because we spotted a cheap chippy in which we shared chips. After having food we went tot the National Art Gallery and we saw Leonardo Da Vinci's work, which was slightly odd, because I was expecting it to be overwhelming because he is so famous and his work is so historical, beautiful and meaningful, but I stood there not really feeling anything. We walked out of the museum  and I had a massive headache, I really don't know why, just all of a sudden. We sat by the fountains and the statue and just chilled for a bit.-

So yess that was wednesday and thursday. Friday was an 'all Camden' day, we discovered another part of it, even more markets haha. The best place ever. Me and Bats had a mission to get to the Victoria Bus Station because I was nearly late hah, we arrived there literally 4 minutes before the bus was leaving. We hugged and hugged till it was time to get on the bus and then we were just trying to communicate through the windows but it didn't work too well. I don't like saying goodbye too much, its kinda sad. 
Anyhow, goodtimes, it was fun. On the bus I ate my orange, did a little bit of my film studies storyboard, listened to Ramones, fell asleep, woke up,and started out of the window. I love buses.I got off in Cardiff at 8pm, and waited for about half an hour for my mummy who was waiting for me in a different bus stop, bless her she went to the wrong thing. And I obviously didn't have a phone, neither did I have any money for the bus. Thank god, all ended well and I got home at 10.30 or something like that.

So yeah that was my trip. I havent done anything today except some of the storyboard stuff, and sleeping, which doesnt really count as doing 'something'. I might go for a walk in a bit.
Tomorrow me and Josie are going to the NME Awards Tour 2012, gig in Cardiff Students Union-Great Hall, I'm really excited alalala

11 February 2012

Joyful, Playful, Delightful

Today has been bad, my mother accused me of smoking marijuana even though i was completely, COMPLETELY straight in mind. I told her, this was how i normally act, but she said that there was something odd about me today. I am odd, she should be used to it by now. Also also, everyone else like my dad and brother have been shouting at me today and so I feel like a piece of selfish shit. Yes I feel guilty of complaining because there's so many more important things in life and this is just next to nothing comparing with what some one else may be going though. 
I went to volunteer in BRC today because I hadn't been in ages but also because I didn't have anything better to do. By around 4.30 I was dying, literally falling asleep at the till, crazy world. I found this really great, red coat but it was too big in shoulders, I looked like a dwarf wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper.
I didn't do any school work, except I completed my photography homework which was to play around with light drawing, it was so fun, i got my mum involved as well. I'll put some of them up now.

Photography final layouts

There's four of them.

Baby you're my junk

Whoa, yes I know I haven't proper posted in a while now so here you go, I'll tell you everything I can remember.
Let's start form last Monday. I realized I'm very very much behind in art and that I have no idea what to do for my final project. I chose the wrong path, going into cutting and printing, I'm not the best at it, and also you can't be very creative with it. No, I mean you CAN generally be creative with it (because it's art!!!) but my teacher told me to do this shitloads of work during the half term, but how can I do it when I need a pressing machine, or whatever its called. That Monday was my photography, unit 1 deadline. I'll post four of my seven final layouts on here, because the other three  are on my school account.
Tuesday, I think had already said, was big pit, blah blah.
Wednesday, school was really boring I don't even think it's worth mentioning. Oh wait no, I went to the cinema with Josie and we watched  Chronicles, movie about a superhero haha it was amazing.
On Thursday when we had to give in our final prints so I quickly ran to jessops and bought some A3 photo paper and then printed out my final photographs. Yes and that was it, I got homework in photograph, but it's nothing, just light drawing, which sounds fun.
Yesterday, was Friday, and I went to school and that went really fast I don't even know why, I was walking back home and thinking shit this day went super quick. I had a little phone fight with Josie, we got annoyed with each other, but awh it was nothing. Anyhow I was home at four, had some coffee, usual shit. Then at about 7pm, I left my house and went to City Road to meet Rhi by the pub because we were going to Caitlin's house. Caitlin has an exchange student from France so we all got to meet her, plus some other four French people. Anyhow they weren't drinking so me and Rhi had some alcohol before going to Caits house.
Caitlin prepared a meal for us so all ate and then listened to music. Oh god. I was trying to poke one of the french guys ass. No frigin way. I just remembered this. Aw gad. and I actually said it out loud, lol xD He was like 'you like my ass' and :D haha, and I was like 'no, i just want to poke it' and that's how it ended. Plus in all honesty his ass wasn't very nice -_-
After that we had couple of puffs of weed and we were all happy, thank god I didn't have a panic attack this time. I wasn't THAT high either, because I only had 2 or 3 puffs. Josie and me just laughed all the time. Later on me and Arman fell asleep on the bus. Well I know I did, and then he woke me up when we had to get off. When I got home I just didn't leave the kitchen, omfg I had so much food, and then I almost threw up. I went to bed at 2am with a massive stomach ache. I'm not going into the kitchen next time I get high lol.
Today, is Saturday. I am going to be a nerd and go to town library to finish ALL my coursework so I can enjoy myself when I go to London on Wednesday to stay over Batoul's house till Friday.
Its soo sunny today I need to get our of pajamas.  I have lots of photos to post :)

Media coursework: magazines

Pictures that I took whilst lying in my bed

Photos from yesterday :)