19 June 2012

Windy flowers

Sitting at home and doing nothing, just really bored. Borrowed Gossip Girl's season 3 from Josie and watching some episodes and having my third mug of coffee (i know unhealthy) Dad just asked me to run to the Beacon center to get some green recycling bin bags, but ugh so lazy. I've got to start getting ready to go to school to finish welsh bacc and meet Jake to give him back his book, which I've had for about a year and a half, haha. I haven't even read it. 
Hmm, what else. Oh Batoul, if you're reading this by any chance; where have you disappeared?! I couldn't find your facebook profile! Text me or something, I think I've got the wrong number or something... 
Right, it's stupidly sunny today and I've got to go make use of myself. Bye guys.
Here's some photos I've taken with my phone. 

cool ey? 

17 June 2012

Ey Ey Summer's here :3

I completely forgot about my blog for a while and just now while being bored and sitting in our living room with peter and watching Family Guy. I decided to put a little effort and write on my blog and upload the images from my life from the past life. 
So, past month, huh. I've finished my exams, which went okay, I think. Especially my film studies exam. Media- hmm, not so well, I blanked a little during and blabbeled a lot. 
I've finished my art as well, like my two final pieces and the two coursework books. Not feeling too well about that, I think I didn't bother enough but oh well. 
Tereze came over for three whole days (sarcasm here, 3 days is so very too little), and it was amazing, I've missed her so much, only Denija was missing. We explored Bute Park, played with flowers, climbed trees, talked about past year and our childhoods, ran around in a childlike manner and chased the birds (Or i could say that some birds stalked us...). On second day we went shopping and Barry beach where we walked for about 3 hours, onto the next beach and the next beach, finally arriving to a pebble beach. It was great, we lied on the rocks, walked in mud, looked at the sea and ate berries. On  third day I introduced her to Josie and Cat. We went to Roath park for a boat ride then we had a meal in the nearby cafe and then we played chase or something  like that. Then she almost missed her bus to London that afternoon hehe, nearly nearly.
Yesterday I went over Josies house for a night in with films and video games. However we felt too anti social so we were going to go to a gathering over Jordans house but we went to the wrong address. It was fin though, we got to knock on every door on the street that her house was supposed to be on (sadly, we got the wrong area as we went to the address that was tagged as 'My House' on the facebook event page... ) We felt like such losers, it was hilarious.  

Oh also, news, I got a job in Mc'Donalds (queen street one), I'm a crew member, and I had my first shift today. It was actually good, I'm proud to serve burgers! It's great, we also get free food at lunch, yummmmms. 
Hmm. Tomorrow morning I'm going to a gallery in Cardiff Bay to help set out my artwork for showcase which is on Friday. Im not very proud that my work is going to be shown because I don't think I did too good, but I'll take a photo and upload it here, hopefully. 

House Le Mine

Josies BBQ