19 April 2012

Zombies and death

Just sitting by my desk, listening to music and sticking in my photography. It's quite fun. In quite a good mood tight now, so I'm listening to Joan Jett, Best Coast, Wild Nothing  and Bleached. And a little nirvana. Speaking of them!!! I've lost my nirvana shirt, and i am SO gutted. Like it wasn't the best shirt in the world but I love nirvana so much, It makes me proud and happy when I wear the shirt...
Today I woke up around 11, went downstairs and had breakfast with my mumma, then got ready, grabbed my tripod and camera and got the bus into town with my mum. I then caught a train to Penarth and took photographs of Jack's room. He has cuuuuute cats! I wish I could have a cat, makes me sad. As soon as I move out I am buying a pitch black cat, no white bits. And it'll be called- Vanilla Cupcakes Rosa-Linda. Anyway, the photo shoot was at OK level, I'm not happy with the outcomes at all, I didn't try hard enough, UGH annoys me. I just felt really uninspired, tired and asleep the whole way though... Well, I have a shoot with Arman tomorrow, so I'll work extra hard then.
After the photo shoot, Jack walked me back to the train station, we talked about horror movies and disturbing dreams... Hmm, yes so then i caught a train into town, met up with my mum and we went shopping, haha YES! And I bought this coat for £10 in Primark, it was on sale, and originally £35. But hmm. I need new shoes and maybe a pair of shorts, since it's been months since I last bought myself anything. 
Today, also, was the first time I saw a boy and thought, you are from my dreams... Honestly. All the girls I know always whisper to eachother how hot someone is, and I can never really see it. I guess I'm quite picky of who I find attractive. Well, this guy, he had like an old fashioned mustache, he wore this old black leather coat and weird shoes, he had dark hair and mysterious dark eyes. He wore black, skinny jeans and hmm. Yeah, thats it haha. And it was nice, we started at each other in the middle of the queen street. Not the freaky way obviously. 
I'll put up the photographs from today, even though they're rubbish. My angles are crap, the lighting is way too bright, and I'm a bit embarrassed to show them to my photography teacher haha, might pretend this shoot never existed,- for the best!
 Some facts about Jack- as you can see though these photos(I hope that was the whole point of the shoot) : 
-He likes cats,
-He LOVES zombies,
-Loves metal and says music has a deeply purposeful meaning in world,
-Plays drums and electric guitar,
-Guitar hero, 
-He's an xbox addict,
-Studies IT, Film Studies and Media Studies,
-Hates school,
-Wants to be rich.

Cool cool, ok, I'm going to finish off photography, do media home work and then watch Iron Man! Oh and write a letter to Tereze and Denija if I have time (:

Craving creativity

Something Jade drew for Ashleigh- the five of us!
Me on the left, then Pippa, Ashleigh (middle), Jade and Arnisa (right)

 Ok hmmm. hahaha. Oh god, OK, here is my face. It is odd, I must warn you :L
Right now-



The day before yesterday

18 April 2012


Here are photographs that I've just quickly picked and edited form yesterday's photo shoot over Ethan's house (: My project is basically about teenagers in their bedrooms and houses. It's about the process of finding your own identity and expressing yourself. A teen room in my opinion, can say more about the person than words can- It's their little world in which they feel comfortable, safe. Like you can see, Ethan is a complete perfectionist and everything in his room has a place. He likes reading. And Josie, a lot. He was so distracted by her, hehe. 
So, cool. Tomorrow I'm doing another shoot, over my friend Jack's house in Penarth- he's the boy who gave me his electric guitar for free. I will post photographs when I can. 

That's Josephine and Ethan, making tea aww

 I seriously love this girl! You're the love of my life haha awww

This was the first butterfly I've seen this year. And sadly, it was dead. I don't know what it means, but it was a sad moment. So I captured it. I am sorry, but you can also see ants all over it :( 
R.I.P Butterfly... 


hello (:
Look at this AMAZING POLAROID APP I downloaded on my phone! it's so cool, I've become obsessed with photographing everything. So, I hope you don't mind looking at pictures starting from my bare feet, drunken people and ending with gunfingers and boxes :L 




 (Nicole and Rowan >< )