09 October 2013

Photographic Summary of September and October.

I just want to post a massive load of images that summarize October and September for me. I'll start with September. So far I'm looking at stuff like Supergirl, Fort Times, Twm's and Doob's Birthday, Cat Party, Jacks Gathering, Sausage Wallets, Town Times with the Girls and more. I have got even more photos but you know, cant upload everything. I'm also sad that I post so little these days, but I haven't got much free time these days, always working and barely spending my lay in's at home. That is except this morning!

This beginning of September, at Jacks! (Jack here on the right)
Louise, Zippy and the Cat. 

All of us 

Me and John

 Twm's Birthday.

These are the only photos I've found on laptop though...

Thursdays at Sam's

Made good friends with Kim and Tom.   

 And Sam himself. Sorry, terrible quality.

We're Sid and Nancy! 



Being responsible for capturing the moment and holding the wasted's beautiful hair. 

Fort Times and AceFace Turns Supergirl

Sausage Wallets in Making.

Capetimes at Louise's Household

Catparty times!

Me and Rosie

The madam and the pimp. The madam is behind the camera!

Josie and Aggie Wasted Times outside the Moon! 

After Wasted Moon Times, came wasted times on my bedroom floor, all night long until morning when I had to leave for work.

Me and Louise on my bedroom floor!

And Finally. If you want to hang your coat outside the Pen-y-lan  library when having fag... Well, you can!