24 April 2014

Summer is coming

I put an alarm for myself to wake up at 8am this morning on my day off as I was planning to go swimming in the morning plus have lots of time  left on my hands for anything else I wanted to do on this sunny day. However I woke up at 1.20pm, and I really don't know how. I hate sleeping in so long.. I feel summery today so I'm going to treat you with some pictures form summery things I've done this April. Last Saturday me and Ewan had a little barbeque in his back garden, just me him and Angus. We made the most amazing burgers!

6am in the morning, having a coffee and ciggy outside my kitchen window before work.

Around two weeks ago, me and Louise met up on a random day and decided to get some cider, speakers, cameras and go enjoy the great weather in flower gardens.

And then we went to Louises. She was a little ill so she put on her Tototro onesie! And slept after I left.

The views outside her windows are amazing!

Then I went to see Josie, because I hadn't seen her in a long time! We made some coffee and watched the new Game of Thrones. But I fell asleep as I usually do when I'm watching tv after smoking in  the evening. 

I'll post soon.
Cherry x

23 April 2014

About Easter

Today I'm a little tired, it's my day off but I went to bed at about 5am last night and then with tough luck finally fell asleep on Ewans living room sofa for about 7 hours.
Got home a couple hours back, had a long long hot shower, got evening supplies (coke-a-cola, magazine and Beatles).

Anyway here's some pictures form our traditional Latvian Easter dinner. Boiled egg fights, sushi, caviar, beer and tea. What a palette!

Notice dad's poorly poured head. Says he likes it, weirdo.

David Bowie is on the 2014 April Cover!


22 April 2014

FUEL Night Out

This Sunday just gone on Easter Day me and Ewan went to see the Burlesque fetish show in Fuel, the rock bar I promote for. Earlier that day I had done an eleven hour shift at work since it was Easter, it was obviously a busy lunch. I finished at about 5 in the evening, cycled home, had a shower and made my fam a little dinner. It wasn't very delicious to be honest with you. After my dinner I got ready and met up with Ewan in town, we walked to Fuel for the show. It was really good! At the start a girl we met in Bloodstck 2013 festival, Claudia did a fire breathing show outside the club. Afterwards there were pole dancers dancing in the middle of the floor. Burlesque dancer was the last to come on in the back stage, she was soooo so good. I absolutely love burlesque now, I fancy going nto more shows. After it all finished me and Ewan stayed there till about 1am, and went to mine afterwards.




Louise is on her way to mine to do a little test shoot for her photography project (of my house, not me) and then I'm meeting Jack and Ewan and some other people at the Pen & Wig because it's Jack's 22nd birthday, and then probably take the night from there. I've worked the past five days and now am happly looking towards these two next days. Hopefully I can plan out a photo shoot tomorrow and do it on Thursday, I just haven't had any ideas recently.. Am an empty painting right now, no creativity! Think I just need to look at inspiration more and read up other photographers.

Till next time.
Cherry x