24 April 2014

Summer is coming

I put an alarm for myself to wake up at 8am this morning on my day off as I was planning to go swimming in the morning plus have lots of time  left on my hands for anything else I wanted to do on this sunny day. However I woke up at 1.20pm, and I really don't know how. I hate sleeping in so long.. I feel summery today so I'm going to treat you with some pictures form summery things I've done this April. Last Saturday me and Ewan had a little barbeque in his back garden, just me him and Angus. We made the most amazing burgers!

6am in the morning, having a coffee and ciggy outside my kitchen window before work.

Around two weeks ago, me and Louise met up on a random day and decided to get some cider, speakers, cameras and go enjoy the great weather in flower gardens.

And then we went to Louises. She was a little ill so she put on her Tototro onesie! And slept after I left.

The views outside her windows are amazing!

Then I went to see Josie, because I hadn't seen her in a long time! We made some coffee and watched the new Game of Thrones. But I fell asleep as I usually do when I'm watching tv after smoking in  the evening. 

I'll post soon.
Cherry x

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