13 January 2013

graveful of pretty

Soul frozen
For eternity 
Heart painted silver, so cold so beautiful.

Boy boy, to trust your heart of ecstasy,
Gently lean against my back and whisper in my ear,
''Come Away With Me''

So I feel it in my drunken heart, true words of purity,
Wasted so wasted,
Running wild into nothingness with our vision flying high.
Boy boy, for me to love i need something more
I don't write love songs
They're songs of death
Noises that hurt you deep inside,
You'll see and you'll know.
Sniff, drop, smoke, smell the air
I feel so close to you
Feels like heaven ,
Keep me close to your heart
Let's decay like this together.
In love with the idea of death and hell, 
Cuz baby you know heaven won't come easy
So lets run to a place,
Where you can take me, consume me, use me, love me, rest on my shoulder with everything you have got. 
Lets hide our sins from  the gods above.
Boy boy, lets take a rest 
Let's lie below a million lights

Falling though a world of monsters

And into the brightest light, 
We stay here quietly,

For eternity,
Or till the morning reality comes crushing down.

I've got my septum pierced.
I'm on contract in college.
I have a million things to do.
So, this is like a shot summary haha,

and this is me without makeup right now. Ive just been doing so much art today, i'm nearly falling asleep, so tired...

see you laters lovelies:)