31 December 2014

Leave this year behind

I am sorry I haven't written in such a long time. I was meant to do a post before I left London, but I left in such a rush I didn't have any time!
Where do I start. Last week on Monday I had an unpaid trial shift at Snappy Snaps, a photography shop near my college in Camberwell. It's a tiny little shop and it was a busy day because everyone was getting their presents done. Most of day I spent helping people with the instant photo printing machine, cropping and framing prints, pressing photos on mugs and pillows. I really really enjoyed it and I hope I get it. I was there from 10am till about 7.30pm and we worked without a real break because it was so busy. I didn't even mind though! After the shop closed we did a couple of orders and then Ali the store manager told me about the mini studio they have in the basement thats not open for public but they're working on it. He also lit up a cigarette inside the shop which is cool because we can do printing and smoke at the same time. Oh laaawd haha! 
That week was such a hectic week for me. Work every day and on my only day off I did that trial shift. Before work on Tuesday I finished my Chistmas shopping. And on Wednesday I decided I've had enough of my shitty job! I quit through a Christmas card, which I sneakily slipped on the office table when I went there to pick up a bag I've left. That day I woke up, packed my suitcase in like 20 minutes, got ready, booked my ticket which was expensiveeeee but didn't matter because it was Chsitmas eve and all I wanted was to go home and see Ewan and get drunk and have fun. 
Now I'm at home I'm so so happy it's so nice having your family at home with you. And to have food made for you. It's the little things in life that we underestimate. I am such a happy girl. Yesterday I woke up at Ewan's house really ill. I spent the day getting back and head strokes, drinking lemsip and eating whatever he made me. :) Oh I'm such a baby when I'm ill all I do is complain and whine haha, I don't know how he takes so much of me. But one thing about long distance, is when you are together, literally every moment is amazing and precious. It really is worth the wait. We've said that we'll try and see each other more in the new year. It's only because he got fired, he never has money and hasn't been able to come down. 
Today is the last day of the year. And I'm fucking ill! I went to the doctor and got a big bag of medicines prescribed, I'm on antibiotics.And I've also got a skin infection on my back! A damn big blob of skin infection. In the morning my mum made me breakfast and then I showered and went to the doctors. After doctor I got my medicine, and went to town to return some items that I bought. Its such a nice day today! I'm at home now, gonna finish this and Louise is coming over for a lil catch up, my mum made lunch so we'll eat and chill. Tonight I'm not sure what we're doing I know I'm going to spend it with Ewan, I think we're going to Penarth, but I'm excited to get jolly with some great people I haven't seen in a while. Even though I admit I've been drinking nearly every day since Christmas but hey it's Christmas! 
I'm actually very excited for my course to start in two weeks! I'm going to go in every day and work very hard! Such a nice feeling knowing I don't have to go back to my job :)) 

I don't have many pictures but here's some I've taken last night and today with my new phone, which I'm very happy about!

Sorry about the amount of selfies!
Hope you have a nice new years eve,
Till Next Year,
Cherry x

19 December 2014


Haven't felt like blogging this week. On the weekend I went to Bristol with my lovelies, we went to a night at Motion - Apex Collective. I'll post pictures when I have them which should hopefully mean on Sunday, as today I'm going to uni in the morning to see if I can process them. This weekend all I'm doing is work to be honest, making money for all my expenses. I also have something quite exciting to announce, hopefully but I don't know fo sure till next week so won't say anything. 
Um today I'm returning some camera equipment to uni, and then I have to finish doing my xmas shopping which I'll do before I go into work at 4pm, probably go Oxford Street to do it because it's by my work. 
Hmm. Not much else to say. I've lost my better Asus phone. Again, oh pity.

11 December 2014

Happy Holidays!

I don't know how this happened but on Tuesday I did my shoot on an already used film! The photos on it were from about a year ago from my fisheye camera. Funny that I photographed the theme of Christmas on top of Ewan's birthday getting off our faces. Only some photos came out, and this is what I came up with.

Today I'm going to go pin up  my photo in photo space and return some DVDs I borrowed. Then I'll go check out the fashion fair and go meet Natasha and Tori for the photo voting and drinks in uni. Then I think we're going to bowling, and Tash said she's up for going for drinks afterwards.
Yesterday I got a bit drunk and ordered £50 worth of stuff on boohoo. Oh I don't know why. I don't have money and have to pay a big chunk of money towards bills.
On that note, have a nice day.
Till next time,
Cherry x

10 December 2014

Christmas Photo Project

This week we annoyingly don't have any workshops or lectures at university (again!). Except for on Monday I had my unit assessment. I got an 2.1 (or a B) which is second best in university standards. I'm happy but surprised as I can't honestly say that I worked that hard. I often didn't go and half did my research and did most of my shoots within week. I thought their standards would be higher. My tutor Matthew also informed me about Thursday. We're going to have celebration in Photo Space for which they're holding a photo competition for the best Christmas Photo with prizes and drinks, followed by going bowling. So because I've been terribly bored I decided to have a go at this Christmas Photo and do a little shoot with one of my house mates in my room. Might as well, there isn't much else to do for me. So on Monday after talking to Matthew I went to the pound shop in the Elephant and Castle's shopping centre and bought some tinsels and a couple of rows of ribbons. I initially wanted to do an abstract nude with a big ribbon on top of my model but the only person who was up for doing it, Sophie, wasn't home in the evening. Instead I did all black. Yesterday I went to uni to rent out a film camera and some lighting equipment and asked Esmeé to help me out with modelling for me. I shot all on film but I also did some digital just in case they don't turn out well. After getting my equipment out of uni I went to a couple of shops and did some food shopping because I really didn't have any food at home. I've taken a liking in cooking actually. I got home yesterday and made a rice dish, mussels and prawns cooked in garlic butter with rice, with a glass of red wine. YUM. Then I drank nearly the whole bottle of my wine and was still only slightly tipsy. Unfortunately I think this means I should really cut down on red wine.. Then I had a long hot bath which was really lovely, because it's getting colder and colder. Couldn't get to sleep, second night in row, twisting and turning in my bed for hours listening to the harsh winter winds outside my window. 
Today I got up early, made some breakfast, got ready, read the newspaper and uploaded my digital photos form yesterday. I'll share some of them underneath. But anyway it's a great day, sun is shining and I'm in a great mood, compared to yesterdays apathetic moodyness I had all day long, listening to the Smiths and staring blankly at the grey shade of this city. Today I'm going to into uni get my photos processed and edited, send them to my tutor and then at 5pm I've decided to go to a lecture on fairytales which sounds quite good at my uni. There are so many events and talks hosted by our uni, I feel like I should really take the advantage of them. Tomorrow London College of Fashion are holding a fair near Oxford Circus displaying and selling unique pieces made my their students at affordable prices (well that's what it says, I'm sure I'll go along and realize on how much of a budget I am ). 
Here are some photos from this week.

From yesterday.

On Saturday before work I got to work about half hour early so sat next door outside a little cafe and people watched.

A girl outside our house stood like this for about five minutes. Weird.


Background TV this morning. 

Breakfast this morning. Also I would highly recommend taking vitamins at this time of the year. I have fish oil, multivitamins and C vitamin water every day to help my shitty immune system. And I'm surprisingly not ill. Touch wood. 
Till next time,
Cherry x

06 December 2014

in for ambition

Oh dear I haven't written in a week! Basically I've finished my uni project and all this week there was no uni, so I've been half sat at home bored out of my head and half going and trying to make my day more complete. I went to see Guy Bourdin, one of my favourite photographers in Sommerset House which was amazing. In left the exhibition with a huge sense of inspiration and then filming a little short film on my phone which lead to me following a man. What else have I done... Went to Westfield shopping centre yesterday to buy presents but it was sooooo huge I hated it and didn't buy anything but some body scrubs and lotions. And I'm on  a budget here! Shouldn't be buying body scrubs when I have little money and need to buy presents. I really wish I knew what to get everyone, I'm so uncreative with my presents:( I've also been making collages. And cooking. But anyhow today is a beautiful sunny and bright Saturday and I have work in a little bit (at 5pm till 2/3am), which I'm kind of happy about because it's something to do.
 Here's some photos form my phone from the past week.

Here's the collage I made + my finals on Monday morning.

Guy Bourdin

Westfield in  Stradford.

Myself last night. Made plats so my hair was poofy :)