23 July 2014


In the past week I've been thinking and sorting things out for the future two months. I have been looking at houses and chatting to this girl Harriet whom I hopefully will be moving in with in September. I've seen pictures of the house, it's lovely, a bit dark and old and a little far from my uni but for London prices it's quite good; 92 quid a week! I'm also getting myself together with photo editing. Yesterday I managed to finish off all the shoot's I've done so far and now I can move on and do more shoots. I have till the end of the summer to bring all my ideas to life. 

Another thing I'm excited about is going to Boomtown festival at the start of August. All our friend group is coming! Finally something we are all going to go to together, it should be a blast.
Also the end of July I will be going away with just my family, we're going to Liverpool  for a couple of days. It's going to be really nice since I don't spend much time with my family any more, and it's just what we all need before I go off to university.

I met Steff a possible flatmate in London. But I'll write more about it in my next post with more pictures from London.

Here's some photos form my recent shoots :)

Black and White Series

16 July 2014

Poi Ahoy!

I've recently taken up spinning poi. So far I've been to two sessions and I love it! It starts with us all doing exercises for an hour or so and after that its more relaxed. Everyone does their own thing until the dark comes and Lily cracks out the fire poi. It's a like having a hit of adrenalin, the fire going past your sides and above your head, theres no way of stopping it. Some people there are quite advanced and really inspiring.  We stay there usually till about 11 in the night. Eeeeek, I've been wanting to do fire spinning for soooo long! I am happy to be doing it finally. This summer has been amazing weather as well so each time is a blast. Here's some pictures :)

here's a video :) Fixing my bra strap for most of it D:

Till next time,
Cherry x

14 July 2014

Weekend away in Bristol

Hi all,
I've been away from blogger for quite a while. I feel like I don't know how to write anymore. So this post is about a couple of weeks ago. Myself, my dearest friend Louise and her boy Tom went away to Bristol for a rave and St Paul's Carnival. The three of us had an amazing time. We arrived in Bristol quite late, found out hotel which was only down the road from Motion, quickly got ready and didn't come back until the morning light. Here are pictures from the night and morning we spend in the hotel. 

Back in the hotel, in the morning, spliffing out the window...

Here we have had a bit of sleep so look a bit better.

All ready for the day!

St Pauls Carnival!

After mutiny, our energies didn't last long...In Wetherspoons waiting for our bus back to Cardiff. Louise and Tom were napping.

Till next time,
Cherry x