30 November 2011

Long time no see.

I haven't written on her in a long time, woosh. I really think loads has happened and I can't remember what the last thing I wrote on here was lol xD
Ok I'll just start from Frday, shall I? 
First things first. Friday night, around nine I went over Arman's house and we were gonna just chill out and watch zombie chick flicks. I brought the DVD Matt, from my Film studies class, gave me to watch and i just never had the time. Anyway This Is how the night went:
Arman cooking (pretending to)

Alright. Awkward, this is random of me sitting on the couch and waiting for Arman to get his food.

WOO! Yey, we came back! We now can watch movies :)

 Wait not yet. He has to finish his food.

TADAAA! Finally we are watching the film

Yes... His soup spilled so I gave him mine. Aren't I nice?

OK after this comes the fun. After we finished the first movie, I said, yeyeye lets go for a cigarette, before watching the second one. So we left all our stuff and left and went for a walk. We then came back to his door (just saying, it was freezing) and he realized he doesn't have his key. It was like 11 by then and we tried to get the key with a stick that we pushed through the mail hole, but that didn't work, obviously. His dad wasn't gonna come home till like 7 in the morning and i didn't have my key. 
That this and that, and we came over my house extremely cold and soaking wet (wait, were we soaking?). I woke up my mum so she opened the door and let us in. Me and Arman stayed downstairs and watched Bridge to Terabithia. I gave him a blanket and pillows and he slept on the couch downstairs while i went to my room. hmm.m yeah end of story lol. Except that the next day i was awake from like 10 and had to wait for him for 3 hours.
Following Saturday (this is the same day Arman woke up in my house)  was Alikas birthday. That went catastrophically, it was just awful awful. We went to 2 pubs and didn't get served. We then went to this shop and I bought a bottle of vodka and others bought beer. Honest to god, beer is the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. But that's probably because my mummy made me this thing for cough which was made of honey, beer and mushrooms. Yuck. Anyway. We went over hers at around 9pm and, well just had weed. I probably should say 'just' because it was so bad. I had like a panic attack. At some point it felt like I wasn't there (you know like you're in a dream and you're just watching things happen) and I felt as if every little second was a fragment of a puzzle. And I remember being scared to death about drowning because Josie said she could feel water at her ankles and it was rising. And then I remember staring at myself in the mirror in the toilet pretending to cut my arms with toothbrush. WTF. That's just a part of it. Then there were other happenings. Like Charlie and Arron, the happy couple, ended up puking into each others hair and being drunk, really drunk. Caitlin had to strip Charl naked and put her into the shower. And all this lasted until 4 when we finally went to sleep. I didn't recover from the weed until the mid Sunday. I came home had a bath and i think i was kinda high still. I then went to sleep and slept till 4 in the afternoon. 
Charlie and Arron being sick on the floor, unconscious. 

This is at the start, everyone's happy and all.  

This is where we smoked, awh bad times.

I've been writing for ages, I'm kinda tired. I'll write some more some other time :)