29 June 2013

Midnight rumble

Just got back from the worst rave humankind has ever experienced, consisting of white black chavs in sunglasses and girls in neon dresses and heels that reach the moon. But me Rose and Jose somehow managed to make it legen-daryy!
To-day around 10 in the evening I was lying in my bed reading The Fault in our Stars, by John Green, when Rose and Louise rang me (obviously because it's Friday) and got me to get my make up out and put my clothes on because we're going somewhere, fuck knows where. So I got ready and left and had a blast on the bus, where some black middle aged woman sat by herself opposite me, eating Domino's and laughing hysterically.
Anyhow, I threw stones at Roses window for her to let me in because it was half eleven by the time I got there and she came down. We waited for Dylan and Jose arrive
ewan says 'o s.rcutr.r'u dro,; nit tjay dpmt ,,auuer

ha! okay so writing posts drunk at 2 in the morning is way more fun than anythinggggg !

24 June 2013


Still struggling to sleep. God only knows how, but my head just cant seem to turn off. I hope I'm like this tomorrow night. Meanwhile I'll probably smoke all of tobacco in bed and stare at the ceiling pointlessly. Sweet Dreams x

insomnia says goodnight.

Breaking routine

It's so light outside. It's midnight but I could see my own reflection in the darkly tainted windows in my garden. It's quite beautiful. The moon is huge, the cats are creeping around the corners of my garden and the bats are flying in circular motions whilst the smoke from my cigarette blows always chaotically. Good evening my friends, I'm having a very peaceful time, sitting in my own bed with standing on the bedside, listening to Lady Grinning Soul. I have become obsessed with Bowie in the past couple of months,so obsessed that I hardly listen to anything else, well apart from Velvet, The Doors and Sinatra.
To-day I woke up downstairs after a beautiful nights sleep with Louise and a cat by my side. MEOW.I don't have a cat no. Louise cycled down my house yesterday and got lost in the horrible tacky roads of St Mellons, and I cycled for rescue though the horrid winds. We did a lame ass quiz thing on her blog (which you should check out, it's awesome click here to read about the life of Louise Lawrence ). Got hungry so we cycled to Tesco and got the ingredients for a pasta Bolognese with bacon.
-Bolognese Sauce
And BOOM! Mouthwatering.... I don't know how we managed to, but we put on Kill Bill on Netflix and watched the whole thing, it's a great film of course most Torantion's films are amazing. This is making me want to watch Pulp Fiction again... Anyway, we were so tired because the the night before we were dancing till about 4am, and then going down Morgs and watching some films. Yes that was on the morning of our sleepover day. I couldn't fall asleep at all when we finished Kill Bill, brain overheat I suppose.
But to-day was a great day. After Lou went home, I went to town with my family and we had a family meal out, and then just me and mum went to Diane's Vintage Boutique, got lots of things!

I don't have photos from today, or yesterday but I will pinch a couple of Louise's in my next post.

 The tale of Ewan passing out at 12am at a party. Too much Rum, sir, pirate sir?
 The tale of the sleeping cats and sleep-y aggie
Bed bed cosy bed, cant wait... 

My mums birthday present because I had no money.
My dad 


 Camera collection:)

Ewan's away in France with his dad's band for the weekend, they are coming back tomorrow, cant wait.
Tomorrow we are all going camping! Should be preparing and packing my tents and by bags but I don't even own a tent and every other girl is sleeping with their boyfriend. Great, well we'll see how it works and whether I'll be sleeping on bare ground fading into the colours of my mind. Should be an adventure.

18 June 2013

Saucepan and Socks

ok. me being lame. 

Some Found Instagram Photos From ADKT

Just some photos I found on Peter's phone, of my instagram edits of that fashion shoot we did. 

What does 'using your time wisely' even mean?

Wow, I'm sitting here in complete transs. This song, is just amazing... A new song by Velvet Underground-Candy Says that I've just only dicovered on a playlist. Yes, listen to it, and think. It makes me think about future and possobilities, which is kinda ironic, since I think that the song title hints to cocaine use. But somehow it makes me think of the things I could do with my time in life. I don't think we are meant to find purpose in life. I think that the purpose of life is just to live it, isn't it? I was discussing this with Louise, we had a nice conversation about it in the skate park, near my house, about the meaning of life, the way we spend our time, what we do and how we feel,  and what is the point of feeling or doing certain things we choose to do.

Today, I actually didn't waste away my time. Louise rang me and then came down mine and we cycled to Tesco's to get cigarettes. On our way back we stopped at the skate park for a while  just to sit down and talk. Later, we rode bikes down to Morgan's where we stopped for a bit before we went to Flower Gardens to play basketball (but didn't because the courts were taken) so we just sat down in the grass while Louise and Morg played football, Doob and Dylan were taking photos of each other and Josie was lying with her head on my lap. Such a nice evening. I cycled back to mine around 9pm, which killed me (yep, going uphill for most of it) and I stopped for a ciggie break after 40 minutes of riding, near our college- i dont think having a cigarette helped my short-breathness though. When I got home, and got off my bike I was so ehxausted, I don't know how I made it all the way to my house, high...

I really can't wait to go Camping on Sunday! Haven't been camping in so long, should be tons of fun:)
I've got some photos too. I stopped so many times in St Mellons on my way back, the sky was beauuuutiful!


In Action :)

The pretties of local shits.


Doob and Morg.

My room at the moment. I was doing some drawing before blogging, with Salvador Dali's book open in front of me, waiting for the inspiration or some sort of ideas to hit me.

And here is Velvet Underground- Candy Say's. Listen.

14 June 2013

Jaynie's birthday and another night at Full Moon

Drinking a cup of coffee before I leave my homey and warm house. It's Friday, and again we're going to the Full Moon. Skint. No money, no booze or anything else. It's my friend's Lloyd's 18th birthday and we're hopefully going to see all old friends from our high school which is exciting because we don't run into each other at all. I'm staying at Ewans tonight, again. It feels like I'm becoming a little dependent and I'm trying to see him a little less so that it seems more exciting when we do see each other. You know what I'm talking about, the stage in a relationship where you feel like routine has consumed you. It's probably because we both don't have any money and so most of the time we spend over his house, endlessly watching stuff.
On Wednesday I had my job interview in the morning, which was like five minutes long. I then went home to get changed and meet up with Josie and Louise in town. It was a typical Welsh rainy day and we were all broke, so we decided to take the advantage of our local arts culture and went to the Chapter Arts Centre, in Canton. There were two exhibitions going, both free and it was loads of fun. We then went to book Josie's tattoo but Frontier was closed and so they went to Morgans to watch Studio Ghiblis films and I went to Ewan's house because he had Jaynie. Later that night I changed my mind about going home because Lucy came over, we smoked a spliff and both of us went flyering with Jack and Ewan, after a Bon Jovi gig in Grangetown. We did fuck all to be honest, I've got about 200 flyers lying on my desk in my room! We ditched the flyering early and went and got kebabs, (well Ewan got me one) and we just got to his and watched Anotherhood.
Next day, yesterday, was Jaynie's birthday! She is now one years old the cutiepie. We all went to town and got birthday hats, snacks and booze for Jay (all except the booze). When we came back Ewan's dad Chris had prepared a buffet. We waited for Lauren, Jack and Lily to get there, had a nice meal and after Jay went to bed we all smoked up. It was genuinely really nice. I left Ewans around half 10 in the evening and fell asleep on the bus! So when I woke up I was on the other side of st mellons at 23.30 at night. Shitting my pants I rang ewan to stay on the phone with me, but then I saw Ben (a guy from ages ago, used to fancy him, this and that) and he walked with me to Tesco and I just popped on another bus, asking the driver to let me in for free cuz I only had a single ticket haha! So yeah, I got home and passed out on the sofa.
Turns out I didn't get that job in Argos, neither did I get the McDonald's customer care assistant vacancy! Wow, the other Mc'Donalds really must given me an awful reference just for not turning up for my last shift.
Okay, well that's it. I'm simultaneously having a fight with my brother whilst writing this post so its getting hard to concentrate. He's such a little disrespectful asshole, but I guess that's most twelve year olds! Sorry to end the post this way. Here I'll post you a load of pictures from the Pirate party for Joe's birthday after Ewan's gig.

Below is Joe and Abbie :)



Ewan and Tim

wn the stairs while being passed out upstairs in the band room. Ooopsies


Me and Dan

And some pictures from his band.

Tim, the guitarist.

Photo of me and Josie after the exhibition at Chapter:)

Me and Lucie at the gig.
 AND Jaynieeee! Betcha in a happy mood now, seeing this happy face haha :)