13 November 2013

Pretty Morning

A la la! Beautiful winterous morning to you. I woke up with a a little pale sunshine shining through my window, and illuminating my room in pastel tones. I got up around 8.40 which for me is lay-in as I usually sleep till 5am, so Im also always tired. I walked to my bathroom and showered before my dad came back home and slept right next door to the bathroom. See I'm not allowed to shower when he's sleeping as it's really loud and he is always sleeping during the day. I not smell of coconuts an strawberries. Made myself a cup of tea and had a cigarette outside the kitchen window. That's usually nice early in the morning when no one is on the streets however around nine in the morning there are always builders having fags right across the street and staring at my window.
It's my day off and I will so much enjoy it! I have to get ready for an interview at Ffotogallery which is in two hours and I have to get a train up there as it is right by the Penarth train Station. I have prepared a little bit, noting down all my favourite photographers and the exhibitions I've seen in the recent years. Any hhoo, I don't wanna be late, but I'll sure post some pictures later.

The window reflections on my wall. Pretty pretty sunlight

10 November 2013

Wonderous Crossroads

The best thing about Sundays. It's always having to walk down that long street just outside the prison, past the atrium. There is a park on the left, court house on the right and then massive crossroads. Every Sunday morning I walk down there to get to work. Today as I left the house I could feel the thin crispy air biting into my hands and my nose and my cheeks. The sky was a wonderous pinky glow and the streets were dead. Yeah every Sunday Morning I get to feel free, like I'm all alone in this little city on this massive road. I walk down the middle of the crossroads, slowly lifting my hands up in the air as I listen to music in my headphone. If not for music I probably wouldn't be making such fool out of myself. You feel free though, like you can do anything!
Today I got home from work quite late and enjoyed drinking some wine and watching Simposons on the TV in Peter's amazing double bed. I haven't watched a single minute of TV for months! Im already bored of it.
I've got Helmut Newton's autobiography by my side, some cherry coke in a glass and laptop on my lap. It's 11pm and now I'm going to read till I probably fall asleep and then get kicked out because this isn't my bed. Last night after Louise left mine I was reading Newton's book and accidentally thinking I'm reading a novel, not a bio, as some of the stories are just mad! He was born in Berlin in 1920, and his childhood seems quite surreal. If you compare it to someone from our age, I think it's much more intriguing and beautiful in a way, defining the word childhood much better than our children, rotting their brains out by their TV's ignorantly just like their parents. Anyway I don't even remember how I got to sleep as the last thing I remember was reading. I never remember how I got to bed when I wake up in the mornings. I sort of like it.#
I think I'm also getting ideas for photography. Finally. All I had to do was got though some photography books with lots of pictures, start reading something a little inspiring and get back into editing and shooting. I bought a film camera the other week and I've just sneakily photographed lots of things in our house to test it out as it's an all manual camera.

And some snaps from my shoot with Johhny
Aggie Cherry