29 October 2011

Time of innocence

I know i haven't posted in quite a while...
And I actually have no idea what was the last thing i posted on here.
So I'll just start from the top of my mind. Firstly I got an interview at Marks&Spencer's on Monday for a temporary Christmas vacancy. Although I don't look like their type- I'll wear my hair tidy and wear neat clothes and be nice, that should get me the job.
I am listening to Velvet Underground- Pale Blue Eyes, i know might not sound like my type but I love those guys. Their other song I'm sticking with you is also awesome, you should listen to them, they're great.
I've got a lot of work to do, and somehow i don't like doing it during the day, so I'm going to do it tonight as I can't sleep at night (oh my god i just spelled sleep 'sleap' dumbo) But before I'll just watch 'The Tracey Fragments' because, well i want to.
I decided what sequence to analyse for Film Studies, I'll do the 'Girl, Interrupted' closing sequence where Lisa is chasing Susanna and she's lost and scared and it's all chaotic.
Do you ever get those moment's were everything is so happy and there are so many happy people around you smiling, laughing, dancing or whatever and then you imagine it in your head as a movie from a disordered persons point of view and it all suddenly seems so chaotic, odd and wrong? And then you almost feel guilty for feeling so happy? You probably don't but I kinda get those moments, sometimes. Like yesterday at Rob's, Aaron's and Jacob's gig, I was dancing happily, with everyone and then suddenly in my mind everything went quiet and being so happy seemed surreal and wrong.
Anyway, after the gig I went home to give my dad his Iff card and then went back to town at around 9pm. Everyone had already been to the Woodwille pub and they were all slightly tipsy/drunk so i was just eating my clementine, smoking and looking at the sky while we were walking to this other pub on City Road because they were too loud in Woodwille so they got kicked out by the time I got there. I got a Jack Daniels in the pub and well I got to meet Josephine's friends. The ones I remember are Otis, and Joel. Joel was speaking to Josephine and he told her he wants to bone me and have a 'freinds with benefits' kind of relationship and he also told her he was in love me. I was a bit odded out but I ended up speaking to him and I gave him my number. Then later that evening Josephine called and said that he had told her, after I left, that I was  more of a girlfriend material and that i was too special for 'friends with benefits'. its all quite funny.
I am so glad I don't know what real loneliness feels like. I might have felt a little lonely in my life but I've never felt real loneliness...
Nevermind, If there is anyone who wants to know anything, ANYTHING just ask in  the box that comes up when you press 'comments' .
weird post huh

19 October 2011

British! Autumn time

Pretty, But Useless

13 October 2011


I think i don't come on here often enough...
So, what can I tell you...
Okay lets just start with my last weekend? Okay well things went weird. Turned out that Harrison is a man whore.LOL. Basically me and Josey went to the gig, which by the way was 18+ so we had to wait for the guard man to leave and then we sneaked in. He was kind of looking at me when he was singing on stage, i think so anyway, but then he ended up snogging my friend from my Media Studies, and i ended up with no smoking material so i kept borrowing cigarettes from people. This is the way me and Jo discovered how nice Richmond mint are!
haha,nevermind that, Josie slept over mine that day and we filmed some awfully funny videos on my web cam and we had pizza and we watched a movie. As far as I can remember we were both kind of dead following Saturday and she went home quite early. 
On Saturday evening and I was so lazy omg, but decided to go over Caitin's house anyway and we (Cait, Charlie, Josey, Alika, Jamila, Arron and Arman ) made pizzas and pot brownies. I didn't know they were weed brownies until someone told and i was like, shit thank you for telling me :L. but yeah we chilled out and listened to music. So it was really nice.
Sunday i think was as all of my Sundays, I am lazy and I do my artwork and other homework. 
This week has been really nice so far, yesterday me and Josey went to the 'a Shot in The Dar' cafe for the movie night thingy upstairs but they were showing a rubbish movie which I own anyway, called Sideways. So we went to T&A bought cigarettes and went to the Rec where we kinda lied in the swing and listened to Nirvana and smoked, then I had this crazy idea of running around, so i grabbed my phone and Josey and we ran through the field with our hands in the air and we spun around and felt really free. 
Anyway, today I had dentist and then i came home, boo, I need five fillings! no biggie though, chill man. :D Apparently i eat too many sweets, ftw I barely eat anything at all, except for like... lollies and chocolate and shait. Oh, no true I don't eat anything except junk...

OK this is over Caits house:

And this is from Friday when we went to the gig with Josey. Shitty we only have like toilet photos xD

06 October 2011

Two lovebirds in a deathbed

Well it's going pretty well with me, I'm all happy and ready to go. Be an Agnese_GOGO.
I am having doubts about life. I feel like I'm going to end up an unsuccessful old woman with no love in a nowhere house drinking tea with no sugar. I am thinking maybe to swap all my subjects to ones like Psychology, Business and English. Should I? Maybe I should. My Photography teacher hates me and I figure I'm really crap at photography somehow. If I get my photos on my USB i could post them up here. 
I haven't blogged in a while, I could fill you in a bit.
Last weekend I went to Jamilas birthday party and it was in Newport, well basically I got lost on my own in Newport and couldn't find my way anywhere. Jamila called me and told me her boyfriends mum would come pick me up so I just lied on a bench and looked at the stars. 
Down the empty house we watched xfactor for an hour until Arman got there and then everyone got drunk. I got drunk for the first time of my life and I couldn't keep my balance and I felt like I loved literally loved everyone. I know that I kissed Jo on lips because she was wondering what I'm like, so haha,  we kissed. Tehe I just realised, everyone in college tells me, I have to cosiest hugs ever and Jo told me I'm a really good kisser and Pippa form college said that If she was a lesbian then I would be her first choice. Is there something homosexual about me? Oh yes and Alika. said something too. I dont like drinking really, next time im not going to drink :L I prefer smoking, gee i smoked so much last saturtday. i was like i a machine XD
Nevermind. Well basically then me and Josie went upstairs because we were tired so we just had a nap in the bed upstairs and then the guy who lives in the house came into the bedroom (21, Dave) and started hitting on Josephine and he lied next to us. Horny old man :L Altogether I slept on the floor without a pillow and without a duvet because Arman also joined us in the end and it was too sticky and hot. I lost my top so had to go in the pajama top.On Sunday i slept until 6pm.
Harrison asked me to come to his gig again this time it's in Cardiff in Buffalo Bar. They're called Raphealites, i think, not sure. But there's a really good band playing with them on Friday too, they're called HOLD YOUR HORSE IS.  I am going and I am taking Josephine with me! Tomorrow I'm going down hers to get ready and then we're going together. Then we are going down mine because she's sleeping over. On Saturday I am (I think) going to a different gig with girls from college. And on Sunday I'm planning on staying home and finishing off my artwork because i have quite a lot piled up. I would have done it today but i couldn't find anything for my research on Internet so I'm borrowing a book in library. 

I stretched my ear to 8mm yesterday with no pain and struggle, go me!

uuh and that at the top is me in the 'BAY SHOOT' with my photography group.