31 January 2012

Yes, just overload me

Today was alright, not sure if you guys wants to know haha, but oh well- my day was an OK.
I was late to my media lesson, but she didn't really mind. There wasn't really any point in me coming in because i barely did anything. I've been kind of stuck on one of my covers, I can't seem to think of any cover lines for it. Any ideas? Its gotta be something rebellious, youthful about music or film or fashion. 
After media, I stood with a large crowd of people just outside the college and my mind just slowly drifted away, i really cant seem to keep my head in those conversations. Anyhow, me, Pippa and Matt went to AJs again for lunch. Welsh bacc was boring. No, actually was kind of fun, we kept laughing about something, but yeah once again I didn't really do any work. In 3 hours of a lesson I managed to write 150 words...
After school I went to the library and did some photography work, I actually enjoyed the sticking in and analyzing it, it was fun! but yeah I should do more of it now, because the final final deadline for the book is this Thursday. 
My mother (mummy) got us some WEIRDO FREAKIN SCARY mascara, that rotates and, this morning it almost pulled all my hair out and i ended up with a black face and a teary eye. -_-
Oh I forgot to mention this before, but as I don't have anything interesting to say, I'd like to express my happiness for Denija, because she is now in New York doing modelling and last time we spoke on skype she told me she had a little conversation with Cameron Diaz, how awesome is that? Anyhow I wish her all the luck, nyc should be proud to have her haha. And I want to say that I miss her and Tereze, because they're my latvian bros :D Oh and while we're at it, I'd like to apologize to Tereze for sending her a set of rings for christmas which made her finger swell up and become blue. I love you lots! <3
Okay, byebye I'm gunna go have a nap and read Harry Potter for a bit because I haven't actually relaxed in 2 days, been working harrrddd. bye

28 January 2012


Playing song; The Kooks-Eaten by Your Lover
Here's a summary of Thursday, Friday and today-Saturday.
Woke up and fainted for the very first time in my life!,  went to central trains station, went to a photography exhibition called Fphotogalley which was about how we store memories, in this artists case it was Nazi and Hitler times. Mind it was really really rainy that day so I went to the BRC shop, before getting on train, in which i volunteer on Saturdays and borrowed an umbrella. I caught a train to Penarth. Looked at the photographs, which had a deep effect on me, then caught a train back to Cardiff, on my own. Lost my purse, wondered about the town. Smoked like a homeless person sitting by the train station. Found my college friend Matt, he gave me 1.60 for a ticket home. Caught a bus. Got off it, because Josie was waiting for me by the rec. Walked, the sun came out, the sun disappeared again. Hugged Josie and jumped. She gave me her scarf, we walked around the charity shops then i borrowed £3.20 for a day-to-go and we went to her house, watched Gilmore Girls, wearing her jumpers and leggings. We played with her puppie, Rosie, I went home. Got home at 8. Decided that I need a haircut
Woke up, obviously. Went to my ex high school, got my documents. Went to college-lessons. Went to art crafts shop, got stuff for art homework.Went home, watched movies. 
Woke up at 6. Left house a 7am and caught a bus, then got off it by City Road and waited for a 38. It was twenty minute wait so I went to the little corner shop, got tea and rolled myself a cigarette. I watched the sky and watched the smoke slowly coming out of my mouth. I thought that it kind of reminds me of little ghosts leaving me through my lips. It was cold. I got the bus, and got off by Hospital and met up with my dad. Went to doctors with him. Around 10, we went to Albany Road and got ourselves some tea, which was nice. And then he came to some charity shops with me, but I didn't buy anything, except for two DVDs. 
We caught the bus home and around 12 we were cozy at home. I went to bed and slept from 1pm, to around 4.30pm. I had bad nightmares, because I actually saw myself lying in the same bed but I couldn't open my eyes and my mum came home and I was asking her why she's home so early, because she's usually home at 7, and then i when i woke up i felt unbelievably surreal, like I was a ghost. I felt really faint and weak, so got some food because I hadn't had any all day. Felt a bit better, then just lied in bed and stared at my to do list, which still hangs untouched on my wall. When my mum came back, we watched 'The Beaches' a very good movie, you should all watch it! I then had a shower and I'm going to have a ciggie and then sleep. (: 
Tomorrow i'm doing nothing but my to do list, which includes:
-Edit all photography final photos
-Analyse all edited photos
-Photographer research finished
-Draw illustrations
-Analyse artwork
-Photography proposal and evaluation
-Plan Storyboard

26 January 2012

Winter Beach Shoot

Here are the photographs from the photo shoot on sunday (:

23 January 2012

Bubbles in my eyes

Okay, so today sucked! The God's of photography, obviously hated me... I'll start from beggining.
I woke up and found it really really hard to get out of bed, firstly because my room felt like a refrigerator and secondly because I was tired; I haven' had good sleep for more than a week.  So I managed alright, had breakfast, dressed, washed and got my art stuff. My first lesson was Art and I now have a vague idea of what to do for homework. Anyhow I went to my photography lesson at 1 and all my work was lost! Exactly a week before the deadline, how great, hopefully the lazy technicians will restore the computers and get my photos back, because I need to print them off before February the 2nd. After everyone left at 3, I stayed and did work till half past 4, edited the first part of my photo shoot- 19 images. I then went to Jessops after my lomo-fisheye photos and they're pure crap! You wouldn't believe how shite they are. I paid £20.00 for them plus if you add the cost of film itself its like £30.00. I'm willing to take any more photographs with toy cameras anymore, its expensive and there as risk the photos will be crap.
Well there you go, I'll put the only good photographs, trust me, there aren't any more out of the like 90 :L

On the ship

The Day at The Seaside

I've got to tell the story of this photo! Basically, I couldn't finish my last my croissant or whatever that was,so I gave it to her  and she was joking around saying that shes going to throw it it the air and stuff. and she did. Just like she always does, by accident. Like with my balloons. She was joking around and saying she'd let them go in the air and she did, 2 in row... >.< good times. Yeah you can kinda see a part of the croissant leftovers in her right hand.

Sweden, yeah i took a picture of McDonald's, and my camera has done something very PINK to it. 
 Also Sweden, don't actually know where. Oh there's another McDonald's there! haha

And then these are taken in UK, of different kinds of events and things and people :)
'Hello' photograph

Summer, 2011: Barbecue at the Bute Park, under the treee

Me waiting for Josie by the museum, in September, when we went looking for Llandaff Fields.

This was very recently: Saturday and Sunday post, when she got me drunk at the pub- on the bus with on our way home. 

This was summer 2011 as well, after Jamila's birthday party in Newport, us waiting for the bus a little hungover.


22 January 2012

Broken knuckles, broken stones

Hello :)
I had a photo shoot with Rhi and Josie today and we went to Barry island. These are some the of photos they're not really edited, just tiny bit.. I'll post the finished ones when I've edited them and picked out the best. 
It was so much fun though, we broke into the closed theme park- slipped under the gate. We took photographs there, and then went to the beach later. I took about 400 photos I can't edit them all tonight because I'm real tired... After the shoot we went to the local cafe and got tea because we were freezing (dresses on the beach on a windy January afternoon) and looked through the photos on camera. Around 5 we left the cafe and sat by the seaside in deep twilight watching the waves and talking. Altogether it was an awesome day, we definitely are going to have to do it again sometimes! I'll tell you in more detail tomorrow :)

 there's me and Rhi

Me and Joooo 

 This is the place that sells expensive doughnuts :L