23 December 2012

Stormy sky across my bedroom ceiling

It's the 23rd of December! Sooo. Hmm.
It's half one in the morning and I'm awake in my bed with a laptop and all the social networking sites on.
I've been feeling confuused lately. About everything, parents, work, education, lovers, friends, feelings. OKAY that IS literally everything... I feel like I'm doing shit in work, picking the wrong lovers, feeling like my dad doesn't care much, feeling like I've been forgotten and slowly erased. Oh god, anyway.
So this morning I woke up at two hours late for work which overall made me three hours late! Was meant to start at 9am, but got in for 12! At lunch I got a salad form Boots and then got a coffee and wasted about half an hour refueling my energy levels with more caffeine. Menkind surely wont keep me on, I am very shit at my job. Not kidding. Every time a customer asks me something I go over to people with the same job title as me and ask them the question. I am useless! An I can't sell anything like helicopters and stuff. All my other peers sell about 5 a day and I've sold two this week alone. So I had work till 9pm and forgot my umbrella at work which meant that I had to walk to my stop through that wildly storm that's happening in UK right now.
What else has happened this week. Hmm. Well on Thursday Jack, Nil and Ewan came and picked me up from my work and then we went to get high over Jacks. They were all drunk because they've been to bogiez before and I was not happy, being the only sober person wasn't fun at all. But because it was meant to be the last day of the world I got very high and then went back to Ewans around 2 in the morning.
On Friday I did most of my Christmas shopping with the money I borrowed from my mum and I did it within two hours because I couldn't concentrate properly, so now tomorrow on my only day off between now and Christmas I am going to go and exchange most of them.

I am also supposed to be starting my Christmas to do list tomorrow, so fun fun. I also might be going out with Kaiya from photography class, but were not set.
What is really annoying is the fact that I am working on Christmas eve and boxing day, both 9 hour shifts... But boxing day is double pay so I just couldn't say now when they asked me to cover, It'll be a £64 in my pocket for 8 hours of work:L 
In this post I shall just post some pictures of my room and of my art project as those are the only ones Ive got:) (I took photos of my room because it's finally TIDY! )
That's all:) Bye lovelies,

17 December 2012

Sunday morning wake up call

Good evening
Today was a little bit of a waste, I woke up and didn't do much till about 3. Was meant to do all my homework as it's the only day I actually have free dues to college and work but I ended up just taking Peter to McDonalds and then going to Blockbuster afterwards. I'm pretty much working 24 hours a week plus college, which basically means that on Wednesdays, Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays I don't get home till 12am at night. I hope they don't give me manic hours this Christmas because I have so much work to do its crazy depressing, no social life for me at all! I'm pretty much doing my Christmas Shopping on the 24th because that when I get paid and I'm praying that I'm not booked in for that day because when the hell am i doing my xmas shopping then!
I need to hand in my Personal Investigation as well on top of everything else, and I didn't even know about it till last week, because I haven't been to my tutor in months. Trouble trouble. 
Tomorrow I'm going in early to do media and then I'm meeting Ewan for a coffee before my photography lesson. I am literally staying behind till 9 or whenever the room closes because I'm just going to do lots of art research in my book and editing for Photography. I need to get as much done as possible before half term (which I CAAAANT WAIT FOR!) so that the practical stuff is out of the way and I only have essays to do. But I don't think it's likely with me having so many shifts... 
Okay, well I'll just post some photos form what is called 'lately' so that this isn't just about me complaining about woooork and schoool. 

 The new poster I got from Tate, on my wall.

These are all just webcam photos from today, me and Peter being silly. And yes I know I look like a child without makeup:] 

I bought this postcard for Ewan, even though I'm pretty sure he won't appropriate it as much as I do haha.

And this is a lovely quote.
  All Sneaky snapshots form Tate above (except the postcard).


On Friday (oh forgot to mention, we went out after work to Bogiez and Fuel till 2 am which wasn't a great idea because I had to work all next day hungover... )

 This was Today actually, maccy d's, got free balloons!

 This weird surrealist collage I'm doing for Photography. This is just a crappy version which isn't set up and this is taken with my phone.

Just random snaps

Halloween again

London form when I went to Batoul's in October.

11 December 2012


I'm sooo tired!
So, I skipped school yesterday! Again! I was feeling shit after staying down Ewans before, so we went all the way to college for media, only to walk in and turn back and leave. I was going to go home, have a lie in but I ended up going to Penarth to Joe's house. I honestly swear that was the last time I am ever going to miss school when I'm not on a deathbed.
Today I had art, and I went in an hour early to do extra work. I love art this year! Anyway, after college around 4.30 I decided to walk all the way to Newport road, on the coldest day of this year... It was so foggy I almost got lost as I never walk that way. I got home, had a bath, read some books, slept for a little and helped Peter with his art homework. That is all. I don't actually know why I decided to bother to come on here and write something. It's an unimportant day anyway. So incase I don't come on here for another month or so, tomorrow I have work 2-11, after college in the morning, which is going to kill, and then the next day I have to London trip to Tate and Summer set House (I'm not sure this is how you spell it) for which I'll have to wake up at 5.30. Nevermind. Goodnight cuties, have a lovely day x
p.s the only photos I've got at the moment:L 

06 December 2012

Got to walk!

I haven't written in a while because I have been quite busy. I feel like skipping school all the time, it's very bad. It all starts with not going to few lessons and ends with me not attending occasionally. I have been put on contract by my media teacher, for three weeks! It's awful, she really doesn't like me very much. Anyhow, last week I did my work experience at Buzz Magazine. I had to work 10-5 every day and I really enjoyed it. Except for, obviously at times I didn't feel like writing anything and my mind closed up. Haha! The only way to overcome that was to just get on with it... I was given around two article titles a day, that I had to write for their website and I also had to go around Cardiff city center, taking photographs of everything that's Christmassy for their website. I spent every lunchtime sitting at Cafe Nero, 30 seconds away from where I worked because it's sooo cold outside! I could have walked around town (it's right in the middle of town, opposite the castle) but after spending 4 hours in a freeezing office by a computer screen, one does not feel like going for a walk. Ewan came by at lunch to keep me company a couple of times when he wasn't working, because he lives like 5 minutes away. 
Yeah so I realized how behind I was with all my schoolwork, so this week I have been staying behind and doing extra work. My deadlines are mostly in the end of January so I don't have to worry too much but still. I need to figure out what I'm doing on my photographs still, because I'm planning to make them sort of abstract. 
We finished our music video in media today! It's all finished and we're all quite proud of it, sooo much work put into it for a four minute outcome- a month of filming and two weeks of editing. 
On Sunday, I went to Bogiez with Ewan, Jack and some other guys. We played pool and had a drink, and I left around 11 because. On Tuesday I had work after school 4-8 which was actually not too bad. Also on Tuesday I went to see Jo after her doctors and hopefully she is allright! We went for a coffee and a talk afterwards. I love Josie, she is amazing! I hope life gets easier for her though, it's been very unfair in the past two years. Hmmm, oh last night I stayed down Ewans house, and we watched Pineapple Express and got high.And then I fell asleep straight away, like always.His house is so much closer to college, I could stay in bed till 8.10 and leave half an hour before my lesson started. 
I dunno what else. Nothing I can recall...I cant wait for Christmas holidays, I hate waking up so early!