30 September 2013

Before September Ends

I haven't posted in a while... On a more positive note, I have lots of things to say. But I might just wait till October to tell you because I am exhausted and have been editing photos all evening, after spending my day with Louise after work, whom I've missed very much and we had the most munchkin time, with capes, smokes, walks, talks, sings, oh and cookies. I will write more tomorrow.


The Pope is Passing his Secrets


 Park times!

And more capetimes... for some reason! we are maad!

06 September 2013

Hello heaven

Pretty day today. I'm lying in bed at home, got back two hours ago from another night away. I'm feeling a mixture of pretty drained, sad but not the depressing kind, I mean I feel pretty happy with everything. I might be dancing in a second you never know.
 Last night I was just going to read Damned and stay in bed and get lots of sleep but John ended up asking me out for drinks with him and this photographer he was doing a photo shoot with. Ewan and Lucy came out too and it was really nice to talk to everyone. I ended up going down to John's mansion near Roath Park, staying up all night and listening to records and dancing by myself! In the morning we walked to near by the rec and I had the lushest walk home early morning around 9.30 in the early sunshine.
Mum was pissed off I didn't come home...
Today is Friday and it is one of my rare days off this week, so I'm just going to pop down Ewan's house to get my make up and have a catch up, then get my mum some medicine and come back home and have some sleep before flyering for Bogiez. Tonight Sheep on Drugs are playing there but because I work for them I won't get to see the whole set. I'm going to go for about an hour or so and then flyer and hopefully end up in my own bed and not elsewhere. As much as I like being the travelling soul, I love my own bed, my own room and my own company the most. Have a beautiful day and I shall write a bigger post about my life