29 November 2014

Red Party Blues

Esmee Has a Banana: Fake

Here are a few images from my shoot with Esmee that I did on Wednesday night, after realizing the shoot I did on Wednesday morning with Sophie turned out bad. We literally did this in less than an hour around midnight at our place and on out street. 
I'm up early today because today I'm finishing off my project. I'm going to uni to finish editing my set, going to Camberwell to print it in A2 and then coming back to put it up. Hope you like the pictures, I'll post soon.

Much Love,
Cherry x

25 November 2014

Breakfast, Drinking, Shooting

Goodmorning everybody:)
It's a wonderfully cold winter morning at the household. This morning woke up, made lots of pancakes for everyone. We had the cutest breakfast all together the five of us. 
Today me and Sophie are doing a photo shoot at our house and then going to Hobgoblin to take some shots there in their beer garden. Hopefully we'll be finished quite early and I can process and scan my film in today so I can get editing. Everything needs to be done this week for hanging up on the walls on friday morning! Stress. I've nearly finished my research log online but gotta do a bit more and I'll be done.
Don't have a lot of photos to show you so here's me this morning witch a ciggy and a glass of wine. Pardon me for drinking in the early hours.

Have a wonderful day x

22 November 2014

Dalston Superstore Baby

Good evening dears! I have wonderfully wasted my day on the trains. I left when it was light and went to the other side of London to buy a wig for a shoot I have on Monday. But it was closed. I thought it was Friday today so thought it was open. Bugger. It was a great train day though, so so grey, like a nice kind of depressing. 
I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, after sleeping 15 hours from the early weekend I had.
Since Tuesday I've managed to get my tattoo finished, overdose on Cocodomol , see my family back home and see my pals Louise and Rose, we went for a coffee in Cardiff on Wednesday which was really cool.  Louise brought down her Lomo photo album which bought back some great memories. The night before that me and Ewan were going to a gig in the Welsh Club and I only  really wanted to see Fallujah the opening band. The later it got the sicker I felt. I left my home for the gig after throwing up twice. It didn't get better, I think the paracetamol in all the tables I took poisoned my stomach. So after seeing Fallujah I was walking back home with Ewan and the lead guitarist from Fallujah(!!!!!) We took him to Justin's house and then they left to see the rest of the bands while I spent my evening in bed. But it doesn't end there. I also managed to miss my bus back to London. I had uni on Thursday which I didn't want to miss so I got the early morning bus. Still, after all my efforts managed to miss university! So instead I went to see an exhibition in Sommerset House on Blondie and the age of punk. 

Then later I went to Dalston Superstore with Stephanie because I wanted to get pictures of drag queens. So I put on my wig and dressed up to fit the scene. However there were no drag queens, just a big gay scene. So we ended up partying till morning hours. I met interesting people. A roadie, who lived in LA with Courtney Love for a while and who's slept with multiple members of multiple rock bands. She's married now. And another lesbian by the name Bex who went out with someone from Prodigy. She also spent the whole night flirting with Steff which was hilarious because she's so straight. The guy who's flat we went to went out with M.I.A and said she was boring. So that's all the cool things I got to know about. But anyway, the night was spend doing ballons, splaying spin the bottle and dancing. At the end of the night everyone left I stayed at Roys and we had spliffs and balloons on his balcony wrapped up in blankets to keep the cold away.I took lots of pictures (but some of them are on another film). 
I left at 9 in the morning. Got home and went back to Hackney to rescue Steff because she couldn't get home. And then went to uni to get my film processed and scanned in. 

I also want to show you photos from Cardiff but they are on my film cameras and the films seem like they're never ending! But anyway my project is due in next Monday so all this week I'm going to be busy bee with doing all my shoots (2 so far, one with a girl who dresses up Drag King and with Candy Vanity) and editing and printing because Monday 10am it all has to be up on the university exhibition space walls. You know I don't even feel nervous, whatever I can do I'll do. This term hasn't gone too well for me due to not attending 100% and just being unsure about how this higher ed 
system works. But next term I'll b better and do shoots from the beginning.  

Samantha and Bex kissing. 

And Asian dancer. 

Connor in female toilets. 

 My bag on the club toilet floor.

This is Dalston 

 Roy, Steff and a lesbian who thought Steff was straight.

Steff in glamorous shoes.

Myself getting ready for Thursday night.

These were all the photos I developed on Friday from my film camera. I finally used my lomo splash flash! I've used it here and it literally just enhances that particular colour in your photo which I like because it's not too obvious then.
Till next time,

19 November 2014

Circus Show

A while ago we had a house outing to the travelling circus in Blackheath.The tickets were given to us for free by the guys at a local corner shop. Myself, Robyn, Sophie and her at the time boyfriend Loz, Steff and Connor left in great spirits after having some drinks at ours. The circus was quite empty because it was a Wednesday and the bouncer let us sneak in our drinks in. Afterwards we had a little after gathering back at our house. Here are some of the pictures :)