02 May 2015

Handful of things

      With a handful to do today, I'm slowly getting through my weekend 'to do' list. It has many small things like unblocking my phone (so I can finally ring my mum when I want to) and paying rent, to seeing an exhibition and taking out my essential reading books. Today I went to vintage £1 shopping thing, and it is absolutely great! Except the awful odours of aged clothes, occasional fish scent and the amount of people there with many clothes lying about on the floor you can buy some cool things. They have some mad old fashioned dresses! I came home with a remotely large bag, all for only £9... I was going to visit Nunnery Gallery afterwards, as they are exhibiting amazing Claude Cahun's work there, but the didn't go because of all the shopping I had to carry. Anyway, it's something to do for tomorrow! 
       This week has been really great, I have done loads of things, but still feel as if I could do even more. I have met up with the group I'm collaborating with this term. The idea that we had come up was good but quite stereotypical, so to my fortunate surprise, on a hungover Thursday afternoon on the bus, I started coming up with lots of ideas. Very excited!!! I have told the group and everyone likes it :)))It's quite complex and could be complicated but it's dooooable and there is six of us so hopefully we can manage and create great art. It's a site installation, with sound, then turned into a short film. It will be made in a forest, and we are all meeting up on Monday to go look for a suitable location which means a great walk though a forest! Ewan has already made a song for it, it's beautiful but a bit too sad and almost funeral-like. 
      This weekend is a quiet one for me, having basically had my weekend fun mid week! Went out with my house mates on Wednesday, and on Thursday evening went to VOY art collective exhibition ( three girls from our group had work there ). I had such a nice time! We all got drunk at the opening, then had an unofficial after-party in hackney to which everyone went to. We were about thirty art students on the bus, and one of the boys (forgot the nameee) from the collective gave lots of heart warming speeches on the bus. Do watch the video, and if you think he is on ecstasy, you are wrong because he is like this all the time. 
     My friend Tori dyed my hair on Wednesday! It's nice and violet on the top and pastel blue at the bottom! She made us Norwegian Waffles, we had some ciders and I went home. It was really nice but I bloody hate student halls, a house is so much nicer to live in, so I am glad they rejected me!
I have tons of Olympus Trip 35 expired film photos from spring holidays at home, which I will gradually show you, but I am not that happy with the camera as the pictures are not that good quality.
      All the pictures are from my digital camera, which I'm happy to be using more to document events, people and other little things. 
      OMG! Last night as I was sat in my bed, quite high, watching some crap on my computer, a very  loud crash happened just outside our house! A stolen car crashed into a car parked just underneath my window. God so much crime here, about 6 months ago someone got shot outside our house! F.U.C.K haha, I am waiting for a house robbery....

This is ma room :)

This is my new table... Quite, miniature.

And I'm thinking what has happened to me. I love pink?! 

Wednesday night after the pub in Esmee's room... Got oh so drunkkkk

This is Fernanda Liberti's work, I looooove it!!! She is one of the girls in our group.

Speech time.

Our crowd waiting for a bus.

More speech time. It was so very very sweet.

At Troy's reggae night.

Went back home with Davide and his flatmate, as had no clue how to get home... 

At Davide's flat.

The car crash! I took crap photos of it sorry, but it's proper smashed at the front. Saw it being lifted away this morning also theheee

Have a lovely day,