28 December 2011

Missing parts

Well today I finally left my house yey!
Me and my family went swimming, haha was fun, kind of. Then, I just going to skip this part, but yearh,  I finally went to Range and got myself an eraser and some acrylic shitty paint! We got home at 8pm and I was just going to read Harry Potter but then I was more in a painting mood so I finished off some of my artwork which took me around 2 hours.
I then went upstairs and wrote the first draft lyrics of my song which I think are still crap. I usually write about the same thing, and I'm kind of embarrassed to say what it is hihi. Anyway, I finished, and now I'm downstairs and I took these silly photos in the living room.

I want a bunny :( I was promised one for Christmas but didn't get one because the market didn't have any left. Damn.

27 December 2011


Good morning, have a lovely day!
Your task for today is to live it like your last one! Oh imagine if you died tomorrow, what a shame you sat by the laptop the whole day?

25 December 2011

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain

 I don't really know what to blog about, so I thought... Why not just put up some images of two really inspiring people. I have been listening to The Hole and Nirvana for quite some time and I feel really inspired right at this moment (probably because that's all I've done today, on Christmas. Listened to Nirvana, Hole, Bon Iver etc.etc.)
My favorite of all the Hole's albums are 'Live Through This' and 'Pretty on The inside'. Probably because I am just very much attracted to Noise Rock and noise making music in general (you should listen to Velvet Underground, on whom I could do a whole other blog post haha (and I will).) But I still love their album Celebrity Skin, which was released in 1998.
And Kurt Cobain is a legend without doubt and I'm not even going into it- I love him with my guts! I've been looking at this poster of him in HMV, I just can't bring myself to buy it (who am I kidding, I just don't have £3.99 ) . But yeah, right after the Christmas ends, which I hope it does sooner because I hate being stuck in the house with nothing but the Christmas tree to stare at (and presents obviously).
Anyway, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love made an awesome couple! Love them forever!
R.I.P Kurt Cobain!

23 December 2011

22 December 2011

Beautiful Letters

If you want to see the photos from today's vintage photoshoot, just click here yesyes and you'll be  able to see the best ones I've kind of edited. Well not really. just kinda played around.
Right I have got around 5 things I wanted to talk about on my blog but can't be bothered because I'm tired...
1)First week of the holiday's
2)Photoshoot with Ashleigh
3)Christmas Presents
4)Photoshoot with Rosie and Louise (that's the one I did today, that I posted a link to)
5)Plans for next couple of days
I promise I shall get back to this soon (:  
Hope you enjoyed photos, I'll put some on here as well xx

15 December 2011

Booth photographs

Purple Fringe, Go Me

HAHA, yey I dyed my fringe purple <3
And I was a bit bored just now so I decided to give my fringe a little cute, because firstly, it was a bit dead, and split and all that. Secondly, it was too long and puffy, I gotta admit, I didn't look right. And I am sorry, I just took these photos after a shower and with no make up on so I don't look very pretty *laughs* Also I apologise that I look so weird in them, I can't help it! I just can't look at a web cam with a straight face. :3
Hmmm. I think I'll put up my other photographs tomorrow (not the web cam ones, the ones from school) because I don't like loading my blog full of photographs on the same day.
Anyway. Today was really really cold, and I froze, not nice. I got off at Tesco to get my tobacco and for the first time ever I didn't get served in St Mellon's! I was really pissed off, pardon me, but I was late for my lesson, I was freezing, I didn't get my tobacco and it started hailing- I was not happy. It was so nice though, apart from the cold. It was really dark outside and at 9am it felt like 5pm, which if you hadn't noticed is really dark!
I was a bit late for my film class, but because it's the last session with Dave, he let us watch a film. So yes, we watched Submarine. It is beautiful, you should really watch it. It is a Welsh film (proud) and its been filmed Penarth which technically is in Cardiff, and Swansea. Anyway, it was a really low budget film, but I think it was magic. The cinematography of it is brilliant. Oh fuck, pins and needles in my left leg OUCH. Literally can't move it.. Aw whatever, I'll just leave it for a minute.
We finished out class an hour early so me and my friend Matt, went to AJ's and got ourselves a hot chocolate, yum. We chilled there for a bit and Pippa joined us at twelve. I was third wheeled again. I always hang with them in AJ's, so I don't feel the awkwardness of the two of them making sexual jokes and kissing, haha. 

So then after two nice hours sat at AJs I went to my media class and I was just basically filling up myself with tons of free chocolate that Naomi (out media teacher) brought us. After 20 minutes she let us go and gave us homework to do over half term, year so basically 2 magazine covers. And A storyboard fro Film, I forgot to mention.
Awhhh, I'm craving a cigarette, so goodnight. :p

14 December 2011

Naive things

I'm back to not writing, which is kinda crappy. So. Well I have quite a bit to tell, but I really kinda need to do my work, so me thinks, I'll pop down here in a couple of hours to, perhaps, give some photographs and update on my life (HAH LIKE YOU WANT TO KNOW)

08 December 2011

Blue Owls

Hey, my head looks massive! Honestly, plus it looks normal in the mirror, mmm... In all fairness, I do like big head though. haha
Um, today was fine. I spent in in the library sticking bits and pieces in my photography book and analysing my photographs. And I found the perfect leather jacket!!! Woo, go me, and its so cheap as well, I'm getting it tomorrow.
This weekend I'm planning to go Christmas shopping. I've got loooooads to buy and, well I don't enjoy the eternal walking around the shops and not finding anything. I've got to buy six presents altogether, which is pretty crazy because I have, 50 pounds :L Might ask my mum for extra £20 because I really want to send my Latvian lovelies some nice stuff for Christmas, but if she doesn't I'm just going to have to stick with a card...
I applied to some places today, (AGAIN!) and I feel so desperate for a job! There's just so much I need. A nose piercing, video camera, start saving up for a car, electric guitar, amplifier and not to mention some ear stretchers.
Im babbling, well theres nothing else to say. Oh no, I have a blue fringe, once again :L hihihihi

Well? Be honest, my head is massive. lol

My new Photography cover. Yeah I went to Paperchase and bought a wrapping paper, for £1.50. I love paperchase, I wish I got a job there! It would literally be a dream job. meheheh

06 December 2011


These are about two weeks old, but I never posted them. Um, so the first six photos are from the bonfire night, when we went over to Alika's house and had a little bonfire evening slash a sleepover. The two photos at the bottom are me and my two lovely, awesome friends on the bus; Arman and Ashleigh; my friend (also Arman's girlfriend) But yeah, he fell asleep and I took photos hahaha.
I'm leaving now, gotta draw up a whole storyboard this evening- much fun.