19 February 2014

Walk on the beach and photo shoot day

Woke up extra early today, for my bath and with an excitement for the upcoming photo shoot I had planned for today with this very interesting looking Italian girl Ginny. However with a big disappointment found a message lying in my inbox, stating she wasn't able to do it as she has school. Well, a little annoying since this shoot was planned nearly two weeks ago..  I was not giving up, feeling creative today I called Josephine and she's on her way to mine! Not sure exactly what we are doing, but I have Louises mini diana f+, my camera's lying on the shelf, waiting to be used and I have my room to turn into a set for the shoot! 
It's 10am and I've had my coffee and all I have to do now is to wash a massive pile of dishes. Yey, my favorites. I am there looking at the pile, dancing to Bonobo and having a fag after a fag in my kitchen (note, this is not allowed. Will have to air it out!). 
Yesterday I has finished work at 11am, so went home changed out of my uniform. I needed bindis for the shoot today, so I walked down city road and popped into one of the very many Islam/Indian shops and spent my last pennies on a pack of 10. After I got my bindis I went to the tattoo shop and saw Dave, the artist who is tattooing me next Thursday to have a lil chat about my idea, and it's all settled! I really cant wait. Me and Lou decided to take a train to Barry Island for her photography project. It was the most beautiful day, after all these miserable rains, winds, storms and clouds. We took Skippy with us, bought massive lollipops and had a great walk along the beaches. I took a gazzilion photographs! We decided to turn back around the time the sun was setting and we were starving and freezing! On our way to the train station we bought warm donuts, and I really cant tell you enough how good they were...

Also if you checked out my photography page on facebook and liked it, it would be much appreciated!:) Just click here to see my fashion photography.

I'll post soon.
Aggie x

03 February 2014

Cardiff Fashion Quarter-Images

This is the Fashion Quarter event that we went to the other Thursday! Louises face is so funny in some of these:)
Having lunch at the minute, just went to develop my film from fisheye Mutiny. Gonna finish my soup and pick up film. Then im going to Ewans to see each other and hang out.

Full Moon and Josie's House Party

I'm sad I don't post much anymore, but I've realized a pattern, whenever there is not much going on in my life I'll post lots to keep myself occupied, I guess. But when there is a lot happening I never post! What a waste. Today has been super nice, a day off finally! I get to recharge after a heavy weekend. After coming home after work knackered at 5.30 in the evening, I stripped naked and fell asleep from about that time and only woke up around five-ish this morning. I knew I'd slept through the whole evening because I kept waking up and trying to text back to Ewan but falling back asleep every time. I felt really hot, uncomfortable an dirty so couldn't get back to sleep and neither could I shower because of the unfortunate placement of our bathroom on the floor-plan. So  fell asleep again, and woke up fully-recharged after 14 hours sleep.
I'll tell you about my week then, I'll try and not leave anything out :)
Ok so on Thursday me and the girls went to Cardiff Fashion Quarter student sales event from 7pm till 12pm. That was really fun, I found some 2 nice tops for a tenner altogether! There were hot dogs and free shots and brandy tea, which I bought and was really nice, especially because it was so cold outside, something warm and alcoholic all in one! After the sales we all really wanted to do something but nothing was happening that night so we just called it a night and went home.
On Friday I  had a day off so had nice sleep in. Watched the telly for a bit, got bored and arranged to meet up with Matt Kirby the photographer, for a coffee and we discussed making a book of our work and these other two photographers. Didn't get far in the decisions, but walked quite a bit. It needs lots of organizing- title colour, layouts, finding funds, and marketing too. Afterwards I went over Ewan's in the evening as it's a 5 minute walk from the coffee shop. His auntie Moira is visiting them from California for a week and their cooker was broken so they decided to go to a Vegetarian restaurant and invited me and Ewan along. The food was amazing, and really cheap as well, probably because it is located on a dodgy street in Riverside haha, but definitely going there again. His auntie is really interesting, she teaches art back in USA and had  hell of a lot of stories to tell. After that Ewan went to his new job, in fuel as a barman and I went home. Me and Josie arranged for her to come to mine, drink and go out to the Moon. It was around 10 when we left. Louise came to the full moon for a bit before she went to Buffalo for a deep house night, which I wanted to go to but it was expensive to get in and I'm saving my moneys. Plus I had an amazing night in Full Moon, met lots of new people and danced my worries away! The music was so good and the atmosphere was awesome. Went over Ewan's, who only just finished work around that time, around 4 and finally got to bed around 4.30. Work at 8am was great, finished around 4, went home, had a nap and got ready to go to Josie's party. It was really, really good, there was lots of dancing, smoking, talking and oh yeah also making airplanes! I wanted to make everyone paper airplanes but kept making them and losing them and most just crashed. Morgan showed me how to make good ones so then me and Louise locked ourselves in the bathroom and made paper planes and frogs, took photos  and were actually having a laugh. I found that you can take pictures on my camera video-film setting, and the effect is really cool, kind of like double exposure. I made sure I was in my pajama bottoms around 4am and passed out in Josie's living room. Louise woke me up at 7am and  got ready for work. We left around 7.40, so I was a bit late for work. I hate Sundays especially recovering in work, as they are usually the longest days. I finished at around 4.40 and well, you know the rest, slept for ages.
Today, I am burning in-scents going to have a great log bubble bath, listen to music and I also have a happy smoke that I can smoke, yey, my day off sorted ;) Here's some pictures from Josie's party!



Oh what emotional skanking!