24 March 2013

Dangling feathers

So today has been really good for a Sunday, I have to admit I've kind of missed waking up in my own bed and not having to go ANYWHERE! I woke up early around 8.30, made myself an actual breakfast (a bacon and egg panini & coffee) and then till around 2pm I made a huge mess of my room burning candles, listening to music and doing my artwork. Afterwards I had to go do some shopping at Tesco. I found a book that I've been wanting for ages for such a bargain price! So then Louise called me to say that she was on the bus down to mine. I hurried up and finished my shopping and we ran into each other the police station stop. I asked her to come down mine for my art shoot, which we originally were meant to do on Wednesday but we only managed to do like half a shoot then, which was so bad. But yeah we started around 4pm and managed to get everything I needed to get done by 5! We treated ourselves with some hot chocolate which has become like a tradition now, and some banana&sugar&butter sandwiches, which were boom only I wanted mine warm and it had gotten cold. We watched The Cat Returns, which is a really cute film, makes me miss being little. I walked Lou to the stop because she had to be home in time for dinner, and now im here writing this. Ewan might be coming down later, and if he is i'm going to try and cook for us. But probably not haha, he's better anyway. 
Some little notes about March so far that I cant be bothered going into detail right now:

-I had an interview for Photography in London College of Communication on Thursday, which went quite awful : (
-Have another interview on Wednesday in Brighton, which is waaay far!

-Louise is 18! And I couldn't go to her birthday because I didn't have ID
-Josephine is back from Dubai!
-Me,Kaiya, Louise and perhaps other people are thinking of going on a roadtrip though UK or Wales in Summer.
-My brithday is soon ><
-Ewan is paying half of my Bloodstock ticket in summer! Gunna be epic, such a good lineup! yeyeye

-My tongue swelled up for a week after a night on Morgan's birthday.
-I'm doing a collaboration shoot with a fashion student from Birmingham tomorrow in Atrium Stuido's, where we're shooting this fashion design student's line, and Tuesday we're shootng this brand 'Square Clothing' in Milgis, a really nice cafe.
-Rose, me and Lou might have a studio Ghibli's marathon next weekend, which would be epic!

ahh cbbbb! bye!
heres some photos, not all of them are even edited. im so bad

06 March 2013

The Memories Haunt Me and I'm Scared To Forget It All: photographs

I needed/wanted to upload some of the work i have been creating recently, so instead of babbling on about my life I'll just put up some of the pictures. The first series are of my boyfriend Ewan. Though these images I was trying to make him look feminine and challenge the male stereotype (which was hard since he has mustache). And the second series was a photo shoot I did completely spontaneously with Peter, after spending some time with the 'VICE' magazine which I picked up in London. They really do have some inspiring things in there haha!Some of them are too dark, and the quality's gone bad, I don't know why though, I need to buy a better camera! But yeah, I just quickly grabbed him, put my clothes on him, painted him silver and we when on a shoot, during which I had to climb a huge tree (the shot of peter lying on a wheel from above- i nearly fell off when i was taking that haha!) And then I threw in some photos of me from march so far, mostly with my webcam. 
Okay so I'm going back to finishing off this photography journal, for which i only need to write an evaluation and I'm done! Hope you enjoy!
note to self: this time of year is miserable, I am so broke I can't afford to buy ciggies, not even talking about lunch./
note to self : save up money for a crown
note to self: please find a job!