04 May 2012

I think

I've been really busy, barely having time to write up here. My exams are coming up and i dont care, im a nerd, and i go to the library every day after school while at home i do my sketchbooks and photography books, which are all due in on the 14th May (including my exams which are 14 & 15 may). So today I went on a photo shoot, I'm still photographing young people in their personal space/bedrooms. Today I photographed Charlie in her bedroom, which was really different from the other rooms ive photographed, its bright and colorful and huge! The shoot didn't go that well, the battery for my camera was faulty so the camera kept randomly switching off. After half an hour fight I gave up and walked down to my college campus and asked Amelia to switch cameras. 
I'm really tired all the time, i spend my days daydreaming about my bed, how bad is that... I don't know there's not much to say. I need to buy a hat, as next Friday this Chelsea girl is having a party and no entrance without hats. So I'm just treating you to some new photographs. bye bye