20 March 2012

Teen's on fire!

I'm going to start writing without the usual, pointless 'hey'.
It's really cold outside...
Soo I'm inside in my room, cuddling with my duvet watching 'how i met your mother'. I'm going to make tea now, because we've ran out of coffee (:

Here's a picture of Josie doing her make up in her room, from Saturday. I think its kind of sweet (:

18 March 2012

roses are red?

I was watching Kick Ass just now but because I'm watching it online it stopped loading halfway through, which was quite annoying because I was really into the film. Um,  yeah. So on Wednesday, this past week, after college I went to LRC and finished all my work, and then met up with Josephine and Rhi and we went to see Bel Ami which was quite, though I wouldn't say its the best movie... So yeah, on Thursday nothing interesting happened, just usual things. 
On Friday, when my school usually starts at 10am, and I can wake up considerably late, I had to wake up at 7am, because I needed to go to town to get money from my mum in order to be able to go out after college. So therefore I was in town at 8.30...  My college opens at 9.30 so I just got myself a metro, bought cigarettes and went to Starbucks, where I sat for about half an hour literally sleeping on the tables...
After college I met up with Josephine by St Davids Catholic College and she was feeling guilty and upset about things so we held hands and hugged all the way to the stop, aw bless. I hate guys, my friends make me wanna hate guys. They just simply play with our hearts and mess up our minds. Like for Rhi as well... This guy, oh okay,..... I'm going to stop! sorry... It just makes me angry.
Right, so we met up, went to her house started watching Friends, but then realized we only had a half an hour to get ready for this dress up- black and white party, to which only few people dressed up for... So we quickly got ready- I was an angel and Jo was a cat, but by the time we got to the party I took my halo off...
We got kind of wasted, i don't know how, once again, but yeah, from like three cans (faceofshame) and then um, Ben was there and um, I wasn't sure if I like him anymore at all, and now everyone was aware that there is a 'thing' going on, when there is NO thing really... And my dear friend Josephine shouted at him for talking to some girl because she thought he was trying to make me jealous, when I didn't feel any jealousy at all. Also the girl he was talking to was his best friend. And then afterwards he came up to me and said he didn't want to hurt my feelings and I felt so embarrassed because I had no idea what he was on about (see Jo only told me this in the morning). 
I don't know... And then Jo and Arron were both trying really hard to get us speaking, kissing and dancing and whatnot, and I just want to cringe because I feel like such an idiot, like I felt so stupid- it was so obvious they were trying to set us up... I just don't really feel anything for him, and I haven't liked anyone in a long long while, because every boy I get to know, becomes my friend and I just don't like hurting people's feelings, in case they get it wrong.
Anyway, we got a taxi at 11.30pm, to Josie's house and I stayed over. 
Today in the morning I did a little photo shoot with Jo in her room (it's basically about teenagers in their own environment-  bedrooms) and at around 12 we went to the museum to meet Arron and Ethan, because we were going to walk around and get some food. We went to a piercing place with Ethan because he was getting his upper ear pierced and then we went to this little arcade coffee shop and stayed there till like four talking.
So anyhow, here are pictures from yesterday...

17 March 2012

Camden comics and lollipops

This video is from the time me Josephine and Caitlin went to visit Batoul in London, (:
This video is made by Batoul and filmed mostly on the subway and Camden haha

14 March 2012


My morning Film Studies Class was cancelled so me, Matt and Jack walked to the LRC, but then I was suspended form using the computers because I've been naughty, haha joking. Um so yeah I decided to go home and they walked me to the bus stop. Matt's been nagging me to come over his flat when they're all getting stoned, haha, I don't think I'd smoke any, but it's probably as fun to observe them.
Anyhow, oh yeah, Jack offered me his electric guitar which would be awesome, because my acoustic one is a bit broken atm, the tuner thingy was broken off by my little cute brother. 
So they walked me to the stop and I came home and now I'm just in my room, think I'll do some photography sketchbook work because I'm actually enjoying it, falala. Here will be some pictures that I just took to show you guys my pink hair...And there's some of my photography book, how it looks so far, laughs, there's not much in it yet. Oh and I'll show you what my new addiction is...




and some others, haha

13 March 2012

Raise me up

so... I haven't posted anything in a while. Once again I don't know where to start.
Okay. So. 
The weekend before this one... On Saturday Josie asked me to this house party her friends freind (Chelsea) was having. We met up in town  with Rowan, Ethan, Ethan 2, Aaron, and two other guys, i'm useless with names haha. We went to Sainsbury's and the guys bought a 10 pack of cider and we walked to the house which was right by my old school. I didn't actually know anyone at the party but it was all good because everyone got drunk and it didn't really matter if you were friends with any of them. I don't know how, because we didn't have much to drink but me and Josie were kind of wasted... Hmm. Oh yeah at 12 Josie had to go home because it was her mum's birthday the next day and I... Well couldn't stay over her house for that some reason and I had missed my bus so I stayed the night at that Chelsea girl's house. After Jo got herself a taxi, me, Ara, Faisal and this guy Ben all went to Mc'Donalds. It was a creepy way man haha. At mc donlads we met Rosie and Louise and that was nice, we hugged al ot, oh how i love everyone when i'm tipsy, its funny. Anyhow we got back to the house and the rest of the night I was on the sofa, cuddling with, Ben. I got a little bored so we I started dancing with everyone (apparently, according to someone I dance funny- my mind does not believe this) and around five I fell asleep on the couch, held by big strong arms that I did not know, in a strange house, in my coat and shoes. I woke up at nine and everyone was still asleep, I quietly got my stuff,  and left. That Sunday was boring yano, I only remember being cold on my to the bus and having no cigarettes left. 
That week was kindof blunt, I dont remember much of it but I know I cut my fringe, it is now straight. I did a photo shoot for Photography and fell behind in all my school work- I hadn't been that unmotivated in a while... Friday was shit for me, I started crying in college in front of Pippa and Ashleigh at lunch, which was shameful because I don't usually cry in front of people, its sucky. So then I went home, and oh I cant remember what I did, but it was boring. At like eight I went to Shisha with Josephine, Rhi, Jamila, Caitlin, Rowan, arman, Ara and Liam. That day Rhi's house was free so we were allowed to sleep down her's, so we left shisha around eleven. The whole evening I managed to forget about my bad mood, just kind pushed it away but then it came back when we got to Rhi's house. I wanted to get drunk so badly but we didn't so I spent the whole night crying to myself on the sofa while my lovers were having fun singing along to music, dancing, tweeting and what not. I think I sorta ruined the evening for them but I just couldn't help but cry. Real bad. Like tears all over my face, red eyes sort of crying, I seriously felt so stupid I wish I went to the bathroom and cried it all out, but oh well... Saturday was beautiful, so sunny! I went home, changed into my sundress, showered, got my film essay book and me and my mum went to the Blockbuster to borrow some horrors which me Rhi and Jo were going to watch over her house that evening. I went to the library finished my essay and went to Josephine's house. We ordered a pica and made a bucket list of things to do in summer. We didn't watch the horror's though which was sad because I left them on the bus on Sunday! Terrible because they were rented films and were due that day, thankfully I got them all back  yesterday. 
Also me and Ben were supposed to meet up and go around St Mellons because he lives right by Tesco, which is 10 mins walk from my house, but we didn't go because he had maths (HA) so he asked me when I was free and I just said that 'I dont know' even though... Well, I AM free, like every evening... What can I do, I want to be free, I love being single. The boy was on my head for a couple of days and it just got on my nerves. I don't want to spend so much time thinking about a guy especially in my age. I'd prefer to have a heartbreak when Im older (:
Today I was super motivated to get ll my work done so I went to library and started working on my photography sketchbook and finished my media homework. Yey, go me. I will put up some photographs I have, when  I get to my other computer (:
oh yeah,my hair's pink! haha the whole of my head, I look like a big, yummy piece of candy floss. Arnisa said I belong in a Katy Perry video -_- put me off big time..... i dislike katy perry big time.



Sunday Morning, Waiting for a bus