28 July 2015


      Everybody has gone swimming, I couldn't go because I'm a lazy girl and I just got up!!! Grrrrr! I completely couldn't get to sleep last night, my back hurt and I just couldn't get photography and Francesca Allen out of my head. Silly I know, I just kept thinking back on how well she has done in Photography since graduating LCC, and the only thing that is stopping me is me, and the fact that I just need to work myself to the bone when I get back to uni. shoot shoot shoot! Also couldn't stop thinking about the camera I'm buying on payday, a lovely Canon T90! It's the stuff, really, has so many different functions and great reviews. But its heavy, around a kilogram. I am going to get two lenses for it and a flash upon my payday! And best of all it's all going to work out pretty cheap!! Ok sorry, not going to spent my post talking about cameras..
       I've moved back home to Cardiff by the way. Like end of June. I've been here for about  month, to be honest feels longer. I spend my days working (though barely, just had three days off), lazing about at Ewan's or at home. We try to do stuff but it's hard, I still have no money because I've been waiting for my pay and Ewan barely gets work from the agency. So we went to Barry beach, on Saturday with his mum Elizabeth and Jaynie to watch his dad Chris, who played jazz at the seafront. We ate packed sandwiches, dinky donuts, ice cream and drank wine (out of the bottle which Elizabeth was a bit outraged). And then Sunday when it was just really miserable all day, we took Jaynie to the museum. :)
       Other than that, the weathers been shitty for a while, its quite cold- typical Welsh summer. But perfect for indoorsy things, like yesterday I met up with Louise and we went to develop film, chilled in her loft room and then went for a coffee/hot chocolate at #Coffee 1.
       Well the days are kind of slow, and I try to do as many things as I can, even though I intended to do so many more (like already had read a book or two). I'm slowly reading. Slowly creating projects in my head. Slowly documenting everything I do with my Trip. And sitting on the internet. A lot.

      Here are some snaps from a BBQ I had with my parents and Ewan the other week, and the rest are pictures I did when I was bored at Ewans house.