13 January 2015

Exciting news and horrible moods

Feel like writing a quick update because this week seems to be filled with quite exciting things!
Yesterday was a great first day back to uni. We had a unit briefing in which Matthew basically said do whatever you want for this project. Like I said, so I'm very excited. Don't know what I'm going to do but I''ll spend some time jotting down ideas and looking at artists this week and hopefully I'll come up with something. After the lecture we got a 20 minutes break in which I managed to get to Snappy Snaps and get my money for the work I did with Ali on Sunday night. Sixty pounds woo, my first money from taking photos! Also, don't want to predict too soon, but Ali said he's opening up a studio downstairs in the photo shop soon. They don't need general staff at the moment because its a quiet month. After I showed him some of my work he said I could work as their studio photographer. I don't want to get excited but I can't help it. Anyways after our tutorials lots of us went to the Darkroom bar downstairs at uni for some pints and then I invited Natasha and Tori over mine. We got some chocolate and wine, and had a really nice evening all together. I went to bed considerably early around 12, however woke up still quite tired. Today has been okay. Been in a bad mood for most of the day because of the bus strikes. Everyone was horrible! To get on a bus was like... Imagine women at those massive designer sales! But all black rude women and men. Literally, that's Camberwell like haha! And then more rude people in Macdonals pushing in...But anyway today, I again went to the photo shop to collect my SD card which Ali was borrowing, he bought me some cigarettes and offered to install photoshop for me if I bring in my laptop on Friday. Just Yay, he's really helping me out with everything. Anyhow I don't want to bore you too much, so I'll try and be short. On Friday I'm meeting with a designer student from Central Saint Martins. Her designs are absolutely amazing, sort of knit long white dresseses with a hood for the face, which could look really cool in photographs. Anyway then on Monday I'm meeting my dad in London aswell which will be very nice. Hmm. That's it from me I think. I'll post soon :) p.s I'm dying my hair. Don't have photos for you so here's some webcam ones. Plus some funny ones form the other day. 

11 January 2015

First week of hometime

This day has started well, with my massive 128GB SDXC card arriving on time. I was worries Amazon are going to mess up and I was going to get my order days after it's meant to come. After all, that is the luck I can expect, especially when you need it the most. I'm excited about today. A couple of days ago Ali, manager from Snappy Snaps called my up and asked if I could take  pictures at a Turkish wedding! Not my ideal photography job, but it's only for six hours, and pays quite nicely cash on hand, considering I've never done paid photography work. Gosh, I hope this doesn't trap me with wedding photography forever, that is my one big fear. 
What else is new. My uni starts tomorrow, we're doing a briefing lecture. I should have really started jotting down ideas for our new project 'Personal Manifesto', which is very very broad and can be anything. But it has to have some kind of a meaning. I struggle with this, but I'm sure I can get into it and actually maybe start getting myself into that conceptual photography mindset, after all I'm stuck with it for three years! 
On Friday I finally went to a photography repair shop in Soho, to check how much it'd be to fix my lovely Canon a1 manual camera. It's such a great camera, I only paid £100 pounds for it but I have a feeling to fix it would be very expensive. I have to ring back tomorrow and they'll tell me the price.
Oh, Steff moved out! Incredible news, she actually moved out. Me and Sofie were sat in the living room, having dinner while steff loaded all of her stuff out of the house. Obviously it had to be dramatic. She had pulled out all the draws in her room and chucked them across the floor, the closet was in the middle of the room and the clothes rail was upside down. Still nothing beats how happy we all were. I've decorated the living room as well, it looks a little nicer than before, we just need to wash the dishes, oh there are so many and it's disgusting. On Friday me Esmee, Sofi and Robyn and two other boys had a little celebration, we had so much fun dancing downstairs. I took lots of photos  on my camera which I'll upload in another post. All these photos are from my Samsung phone. I've found an amazing app, Fotor I would really recommend it, it's all you want from an editing tool! So mostly the photos are from around the New Cross I've taken, and the house and some of myself and other people. Enjoy ma lovelies!

Have a lovely day,
I'll Post Soon,

07 January 2015

Grey weather and leaving blues

Today is finally the day. The day I have to pack my suitcase and make everything fit in it! Even though when I came to Cardiff half of it was full of presents, now there is so much more stuff to go in it! I'm bringing a hoover back to London, I've bought stuff to decorate our living room with, I've got presents from friends and family, big pack of medicines and the list can go on. I'm excited to be going back home because I have stuff I need to do piled up in my head that need to be done before Monday when I go back to studies. 
So this past week has been really nice. I've spent so so much time over Ewans house, and then every spare moment I've tried to be at home because I know my mum loves it when I'm at home, even if I'm not doing anything or if I'm in the other room. I've such a nice time both here and at Ewan's house, its been so opposite my London life where I spend most of time by myself doing my own business and our house often being empty because everyone's busy bee's, only in the evening we spend time with each other. On that note, I actually miss my house mates! haa.
Yesterday I woke up at Ewans, he dragged me out of bed (I've been sleeping so much!) made us coffee's and then we met up with Lucie and Jaynie in town, went round some charity shops looking for baby clothes for Jay,I bought a watch which didn't work  and I had to return it. Then walked to where i was meeting my girls outside burger king in town. We had a quick lunch at the Pizza Hut Buffet, myself, Louise, Josie and Ewan with his little one and Lucie. Even though Lucie always puts me in a weird mood (and that's understandable in my shoes) we invited her to come lunch with us because she's been sad recently, so I was quite happy for her to join us. Everyone shot off really quickly, Louise had a team meeting and Josie left because she didn't have money to go for a drink, but I feel she didn't really want to come. I'm seeing her in London next week though, we're going to meet up and she's staying round mine for one night. Anyway after going for a pint at wetherspoons I caught a bus home because I felt pretty shitty form the pizza buffet and beer. I decided that I'll quickly shoot to Range shop on nearby my house and get some household items for our London house, so I bought a table cover, lamp lantern, fairy lights and towels, guess what. All for a tenner! Haa it's such a good shop!
Underneath I've posted a load of photos, all taken on my phone camera (Sorry!) to summarize my past week :) I still have a load of photos from new years eve and night but I'll post those another time.
Well that's it form me, I'll be writing more regularly now I go back home where I have my own laptop to write on. Today later I'm meeting Ewan and spending the last night with him and then tomorrow morning is my bus back at 10.15. I'll try and not miss it!

 My mum and dad <3 p="">

 My suitcase, with a lot more to go in it!

A cake I made! 

Little Jaynie Monster:) 

Here's all the stuff for our house! The fairy lights might be a bit crap they were £2.50 :D But my mum also gave me some curtains  which I'll put up in the living room (our current curtains are just awful)

Me and my brother:) He's turning into a very handsome man! 

Me and my darling mum :) 

The sky this morning was beautiful!
Have a great day lovelies.
Till next time,