29 August 2011

28 August 2011

whoa, bad

this is an emergency, my blog is empty! There are no photos on here! oh gee I promise I promise to put LOADS up tomorrow. I'll add them to each post. Becasue I have lots from The Big Weekend, Latvia, and other ones from when I came back form Latvia;oo
ok so bye.

28.august 2011

Okay, so I haven't posted anything in quite a while. I have been so unbelievably lazy! Like today, I woke up turned on my laptop (still in bed) went downstairs mad coffee, went upstairs, brushed my teeth went back to bed and watched the firt season of 'The Big Bang Theory'. I then went downstairs made breakfast (around 3pm xD)  andd another coffee. Then went upstairs and turned on the first season of 'Gossip Girl'  and was just making my bracelets. Tralaa. I listened to some music and then because my mum asked me to come dowstairs to hang out with them (the family) and now I'm here writing this. 
Um, I have a load of photos from Latvia to post here, which I'll do tomorrow because I have them on my laptop, this is my mums laptop which i'm on now.
Latvia was really nice by the way if you were wondering, I'm just not up for writing about each day, it's going to take too long. 
Ugh, I'm so ashamed of myself. I  should be taking more photos and I just realised I don't take as many photoas as I used to. ummm.  bad. and i have stopped writing stories and poetry and  shit. But, haha I HAVE started writing a journal called, um i forgot. But I write poetry in it and I draw in it and I write these little random thoughts and feelings. 

17 August 2011

Listening to *Bring me the horizon-It never Ends* sitting in a very comfortable chair, drinking tea and about to edit a whole load of photos while my friends are watching The Ring 2, No way I'm watching that crap again ahaha.
When I get back to UK I will write about every day (I've got pictures from every day, so yes, there's a story behind every photo). I'm a bit lazy with writing when I have friends around.
Okay, I'm going to go now and start editing, so excited. ^_^

08 August 2011


I am tempted to write in Latvian, but I guess it'd be random and would screw up my blog's routine. Anyway. I am in Latvia and I am so sleepy. I got two hours sleep last night because I was uploading the pictures from the Big Weekend, which by the way was awesome. It was really great and I'm so happy I didn't go home just because it was freezing and wet and cold. Because right after us being bored and cold, everyone got up ans started dancing. It all  got kinda fun. Oh The Feeling was the grate, I like them lots. HAHA why am speaking of UK, I'm Latvia YEAH HEAL YEAH!  My flight was really awful if you want to know. I was wearing two jumpers and a coat because the only baggage I had was hand luggage and It was too fat with all the jumpers in it, so I had to take them out and wear them OR I'd have to pay 40 euros. 
Us girls didn't do anything today, we just kind of came home and chilled and had food. I was really tired and things. Denija gave me a shelve on her closet and I unpacked my clothes.
I spilled coffee on her white carpet ;o
she spilled a little bit of boiling water on my leg. ;o
Tereze is just watching supernatural movies, haha she's such a big fan. 
Okay I'm gonna go shower and then we're off to sleep. Good night. :)

06 August 2011

Ughh, I'm so not bothered... I can't be asked to write anything.
Good morning. I'm gonna start packing NOW and then I'll go down to the big weekend.
Ooooohhh I need to wash my hair because it is HUGE xD I'd put up a photo but I just woke up plus I have no idea where the web cam is on this laptop.
awh Funeral For a Friend were really good...
I literally missed Attack Attack because we went to T&A to get cigarettes and when we came back stage was emptyy.
Okk, so I'll write something on here laters x

05 August 2011

I just checked the line-up for the big weekend and its quite good you know. I have NO money and I'm not going on any rides. I don't really want to anyway, I've been on them thousand times.
Ohh. I just wish somebody would be as crazy as I am and just run around and mosh. But I can't really see anybody from our group doing it. Oh haha maybe Arman xD Or caitlin. I know she did it last year so.
Never mind. I haven't packed anything yet. Need to do it tomorrow otherwise I'm screwed.
Oh plus I also need to get my charger off Josie or I'm 'dead battery' he did last year so :Lfor two weeks. I can't actually wait to go. WAAHHALA. I'm going on Monday can you believe it.
OK so I'm gonna go watch the TV or something. Oh or I could go pack my suitcases.
I'm quitting smoking. I watched the most disgusting video on youtube. I almost puked. So much poison. There are around 200 chemicals in one cigarette. It's just gross and makes you stink. 

02 August 2011

Good morning, i was just watching the last song but it's not as good as the book plus in my head i don't see miley cyrus. I'm gonna turn on some music and tidy my room and then check what people are doing today and I'm just predicting but I don't think anybody is doing ANYTHING.
I have to start packing my stuff for Monday, because that's when I'm leaving for 2 weeks.
Aw no, I had a nightmare. I JUST remembered. Well, I got my GCSE results. They were all written on yellowish kind of paper and well. I got D's for most of the stuff, but worse of all I got U for RE, how awful. I'm really not looking forward to my results day wahhhh.
OK bye
oh duude it's already august. SO QUICK