26 April 2015

A gray Sunday

Before I left London on the 27th of March, the local homeless man was sat outside New Cross Gate station begging. Last night upon my return back home, he was sat there all the same. It seemed as if nothing was changed, but then again, I got home feeling incredibly melancholy, in hopes that everyone is in (mind it's Saturday night) and having a laugh over a glass of wine. No, only Harriet was home, the other girls were out. I couldn't connect (and still cant) connect my laptop to the internet, and so I tidied my room, with my shoes and coat still on, showered, found a month old half smoked biffter, and borrowed Napoleon Dynamite from Harriet and fell asleep with my candles and lights still on.
I thought I would be sad today, or something, but no. I just returned from my mini food shop (I need enough money for a train ticket but student money hasn't come in yet), packed  a little lunch, threw out everything mine and old from my cupboard and the fridge and did my washing. I've borrowed Esmees mac, put on some jazzy tunes and going to get ready in a minute to go to Photographers Gallery to see a free film screening 'Melancholia' because I have nothing better to do on this gray Sunday day. 
I have shot 8 rolls of film during these holidays, so will have some pictures to post tomorrow!
Sorry no pictures, I am on Esmee's macbook!
Aggie Cherry