13 March 2015

QUEER Photography

Hello darlings
It is 1 am and I am sat in my room for the last night. Tomorrow me and Sophie are swapping rooms. I know it's bigger but my room feels like truly my room. It'll take months before its homey.
Yesterday was a good day. I had uni in the morning and later around 4pm a shoot with a Creative Fashion student from LCF. It was fun considering it was a studio shoot. 
I usually hate studios, but you just need an interesting subject!
It's a shoot which shows a progression in a gender transformation,  though cross dressing. 
I have developed a love for boys in dresses and sexy underwear. 
It's so fun! I think I might keep photographing in this theme, use the studios (and get better at them!) and do a new boy every week. Or girl maybe.
Today I had an interview for Arts Temps, which went well. And then I edited all evening in uni.
Then I cooked
Then sat and had a cigarette with Sophie
She made a cons against boys list
Now I will some another cigarette and probably
go to sleep.
Enjoy the pictures,
I'll post soon x

Behind the sceeene

Have a great weekend,
Agnese x

10 March 2015

Fianlly Relaxin'

Hello all,
Hope you've ha a good couple of days
The last two days have been great, I managed to finish, print and most importantly hand in on time my book titled 'The Reproduced Memory'. It had to be two books because I have a 100 and they wouldn't fit into one cover. I thought I could take it with me today after the interviews about our work at uni, to take some better pictures of it but we can't until tomorrow. So I'll do a post about it another day. 
So yesterday after handing in our book, at 10am obviously we all headed to the closet pub, while tutors were looking at our books and then at 12pm we were allowed back in the print room to look at each other's creations. Next project we are doing a collaborative project so this was a great opportunity to find people who worked in similar aesthetics. And I found mine. We found each other. I wanted to ask him, and believe me somehow it felt like I was telling a boy I like him for the first time! But while I was stumbling our the words he said it. We shook hands on it, and the bruise on my hand opened up, but I didn't make a noise. 
Today has been nice. I went to uni for my appointment and then met Tori at Tate Modern, and we went to all the free displays. A lot were quite shit to be honest, there were a lot of bad drawings and contemporary sculptures. I'm sure you all know modern sculptures are like. A plate full of cutlery or fabrics, or some mountain of materials or a cube. It all counts as art if it's placed in a gallery..
After the galleries, I took a nice long walk down by the river in south bank to Waterloo. It was a great day for walking. First time this year I've taken my coat off outdoors! I also went to a photography shop and asked him about cameras, since I want to upgrade on an analogue camera. He said it's the skill not the camera that makes the picture. 
Hmm. Oh yeah, tomorrow I'm doing a little collaboration with a guy on creative fashion direction course and we're going to do something queer, edgy and challenging. 

Anyway now I am here, at home. Ate dinner, tidied my room, and probably going to watch a film, treat myself after the crazy two weeks I've had!

Anyway, here are some phone pictures from today, of my walk, exhibition and book. I know it's not good, but I haven't got any other ones!
Till next time
Agnese x

07 March 2015

Book Worries + Peter's visit in London 19.02 - 21.02

Oh gawd, today is another sunny day although my mood is not as great as yesterday. Why am stuck at home when the weather is this good!? This morning me and and Harriet sat in the garden for a bit, then I finally pulled myself together into a productive mood, showered, cleaned my room and made some lunch. I am still working on my book... Turns out I've been given the wrong information about book printing and therefore am basically leaving printing my book to very last minute, three house before my deadline! Yes Monday morning at 7.30am printings guys from Snappy Snaps are coming in to do mine and Natasha's book... It's given me more time but I am super nervous their Xerox machine is going to break down and I am going to miss my deadline... Please wish me luck! 
Last night I got myself a bottle of rose and worked some more on my book, and then decided to go for a drink with Harriet and her friend to New Cross House, which is this great pub/bar who also do stone baked pizzas (always smells so yummy). They have a great smoking area, which is basically another building outside in the back without windows, so you're basically indoors, such a great idea! We actually only stayed for one, and when got back I slept like a baby.

So here are some photos from my Canon a-1 from when my little brother Peter came down. We had a great time surprisingly. Went to a gig, he had his first beer (I am a bad sister -_-) we rode bikes around Hyde Park, I took him to Soho, Leicester Square and Chinatown and just the standard touristy jazz. 

Here are some pictures.
I'll post soon.
Agnese x

 Peter being cheeky and sticking his middle finger at me. 

We made friends with a squirrel.