22 October 2014

New Start

(I wrote this a little more than a week ago, but didnt post it.)
So this week has probably been the biggest change of my life so far. With the help of my dear family and friends I am sat here in my new eat in kitchen, smoking a cigarette and thinking about what I should tell you. It's pretty incredible but at the same time feels weirdly natural. I now live in New Cross in London, sharing a house with another four girls. It's been a week already so I feel pretty much settled in (except for my room, still waiting on a delivery of a suitcase containing very important things that will contribute to my every day comfort. It will arrive tomorrow, together with my boyfriend).

Moving in day was a very eventful day! Ewan walked me to the bus at 5.30 in the morning and I was off, just me and my suitcase. I enrolled and moved in, and later that day Louise came down with another one of my suitcases. Together we did my first food shop, which was pretty exciting actually! Today I did my second one (I make sure it's only once a week' every Friday I do big shops to ensure I dont waste too much money on food). Anyhow we went out Friday and stayed quite sober which we were both very proud of, because the following day we had to do some furniture and house essential shopping as well as seeing Boddika at Suffolk Tunnels. They were these great big tunnels! With DJ's! Pretty amazing. So anyhow we had a blast. I was so happy Louise came down and helped me settle into my new habitat. Then on Sunday we woke up an hour before Louises bus back to Cardiff! Should have put an alarm on... She made though, with  little bit of luck obviously- the bus being late by fifteen minutes! She left, just her and my suitcase. I was all by myself in this massive city.