12 June 2015

Friday Evening Mind Storms

Don't know why now is the right moment for writing a blog post; I'm sitting in my kitchen, it's like an earthquake here, thanks to the washing machine. It's a beautiful kind of humid, cloudy and grey outside! I've just got back from the shop, went there to get tobacco, came back with a 2 litre bottle of Cider. Times are hard, I'm broke, totally and absolutely. I stood outside the 'old man' pub of new cross for a bit, listening to an older bloke sing some trashy 90's song! Was stood there giggling.
Dilemmas, dilemmas. I'm in two minds about  what to do for summer. Mum has called her work friend who works in another hotel, and they are looking for people. So... The thing is I would stay if I had enough money to get by, but I don't think that's happening. I have £50 pound to my name. Wooo! So I'm likely going back to Cardiff. I'm happy, but I just feel like I want to be independent, so going back is a bit of a step backwards because I lose my room here at the house. And I have to move all the stuff... That's the most shit thing haha!
I'm nearly done with the project. Tomorrow we finishing the presentation all together at Afra's place, and rehearsing for it; we're on, 12 on Tuesday! This term has been totally stress-less, except maybe the beginning. 
I have been taking photos recently. I realise every time I'm depressed; I'm not taking photos. I've been using my Olympus Trip 35 camera, and with good film in it, it looks great. They look the best with flash, so I try and use it more now. I love the artificiality and flatness.
I don't really want to do a long post, so I'll leave you here.
Going to go read up some Uncanny theories, still haven't done it. 
It's Friday night! 
Here's some snaps from the last week or so.