27 March 2014


Here are some of the finished images from my last shoot.

Till next time.
Cherry x

Coffee, Photo Shoots, Gatherings and Cycling!

Been a nice day, after isolating myself from people for a day I feel like myself again. By that I mean not having to go anywhere, not having to do anything just going home after work, reading a book, laying about my bed in my brand new fox socks, listening to tunes., full volume (hurray my crazy neighbour has moved out!) editing some pictures and drinking a lot of tea, because it's damn cold in my house!


I am not even going to try and summarize the last three weeks! But I think a lot has happened. I've done a photo shoot with a girl called Alex that I met a couple of months ago at one of the metal Wednesday's things. Last Friday I volunteered for ffotogallery and it was loads of fun. It was a preview evening for Paul Reas's exhibition 'Day Dreaming About the Good Times?' I thought his work was really interesting,  his images represent British class and culture, but are slightly bizzare images. Paul was there but I didn't get to talk to him. Me and Jamie (or was it Bob?) were behind the desk, pouring the free drinks and topping up the nibbles whilst sneakily drinking ourselves. It got pretty merry towards the end, walked out of the gallery pissed.

Here's a photograph of his:)
 Ewan stayed over my house on Sunday night. Sunday morning I had to call in sick due to a horrible stomach virus! Was throwing up all Sunday morning, had sweaty shakes and basically just slept all day. Ate like a total of a strawberry and a kiwi within space of nearly two days!  Sadly I was selfish and didn't think about how contagious the bus was! Ewan got it a day later :( Anyway on Monday I've had enough of my house and had to do something.

Before meeting Al for the shoot Louise cycled down mine to grab some notes. I really wanted to go for a hot drink somewhere, so we went to Coffee 1# five minutes walk from mine. It was really lovely and I got the 10th drink free for my coffee card.  Me and Lou had a cosy catch up then she headed home to do her photography work and I headed to Penarth to do mine :) Here's some pictures form our coffee and the photo shoot's behind the scenes ;)

 Ah, I had too... This shows our awful awful manners in public places! Don't think anyone noticed...

At the beach, sitting behind a stone wall for wind and rain shelter having a lil fag break and warming up!

I think the most eventful day this week for me has been Monday. I've had quite a lot of time off work so thought I should finally get myself together and do a photo shoot! Me and Alex met up around 3pm in the afternoon and started shooting in fields near her home and then got a bus to Penarth pier and did the rest of the shoot on the rocky beach. The weather was literally horrid, really windy and cold and was raining all afternoon! So I'm quite please with what we came out with!

After we finished shooting, we went to a chippy nearby Joe's house and got lots of food! I was sooo hungry by this point, not having eaten anything since Saturday I thought I could manage to eat a whole van! On our way to Joe's we met Dan so all walked up there together. It was Inferno Ortum's
(Ewan's band) first demo celebration down Joes so the whole band was there and couple of other mates. So we stayed there for a while, drank and smoked some and then me and Ewan went to his house for a little.  I left around 11ish because I needed to be up early on Tuesday as me and dad were going to cycle down Caerphilly which is like 20 miles!


On Tuesday me and my dad left the house early around 9am to cycle the taff trail! It was really refreshing to do something different. The sun was out and we had a great father-daughter time, considering we really don't get on so well usually. We stopped every here and there for coffee and fag breaks too.

We made lunch at home, ate and then went and bought me a laptop! I finally have one to store my photos on and edit, and listen to music. God I didn't appreciate my laptop before it broke haha! It's a beautiful, dark purple baby.
Anyway have a nice evening, I'm going to dye my hair now.
Cherry x

04 March 2014

Shoot with Josephine

Just a little preview of a shoot I did couple of weeks ago with one of my closest friends, the beautiful, freckle covered girl on fire, Josephine. I can't really get my hands on a computer these days, as mine is broken (and with that about 30'000 photographs taken over the last three years have vanished, so so sadly). I cannot edit my images as this laptop doesn't have any editing software and therefore my facebook page will have to wait a while until they go up there. 
Here's a little description of how the shoot went. I had a day off and really wanted t do something creative, but as the model i wanted to photograph couldn't make it, I asked Josie whom I've wanted to do a shoot with for a while anyway. She was wonderful, came down my little flat with bagfuls of clothes. Before she came down, I had transformed my room into a little set. I used a beautiful mirror I purchased from a thrift store for only a fiver months ago, some veils, candles, flowers and other things. Josie arrived and we first made ourselves some coffee and soup. Full of enthusiasm we started shooting. I also used Louise's little Diana Mini+, and I quite like how the photos came out. I will upload them once I've uploaded them on the computer, which will be when I remember to go to the photography shop where they developed the film and forgot to give me a copy of a CD.  We had lots more outfits to shoot than you can see here. I'm awful with making sure there's a variety of clothing used in shoots, as when I start shooting everything else just sort of leaves my mind. Especially when I get really into it (and trust me I did, sometimes I forget to breathe. It's a little like exercise, only times i ever get quite sweaty is when we shoot haha! )  After a couple of hours of photographing we had more coffee and fags, an then treated ourselves to some booze and left to go over Josies house. I'll upload the photos from her house in my next post, along with other things I've done since then :) 
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